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Research Article Analysis


There are many research studies that are done covering a variety of issues across the country, knowing how to dissect a research article is a great way to learn new information while honing your own research skills. In this paper, we're going to look a research study from a professional journal that has been peer-reviewed, along with answering various questions about the data collected, results of the study and design of the study. The study we're using is: Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Poverty and Crimes in Albany/Dougherty, Georgia by Nwaokoro, Amaechi N., Marshall, Clifford, Mittal, Shiwam, Journal of Business & Economics Research, 2013.

Purpose of the Study

For many communities it's easy to say the worse parts of town breed crime. Poor people are the ones who break the laws, they're the ones that need to be kept away from the higher class citizens. Is this really true? In some communities, it just may be. The purpose of this study was to determine if in fact poverty causes crime. Does a person's financial state and area of housing cause push that person into a life of crime? Another purpose of the study is to show if the area in question, Albany/Dougherty Georgia, had over time seen their crime rates rise as the population rose.

Design of the study

The design of the study is the Case Study Design, where a number of different factors are studied in the process of determining if poverty affected crime rates. One of the studies focused on explaining the rise of crime rates on financial motives. One example of this a person sees a car they know they can't afford, so they plot to and eventually do steal the car. Another study focused on single mothers who were of low education, and unable to raise their children to stay away from crime. The study suggested…...

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