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There are two types of Internship Report. The format of each type of report is described below.

Types of Report:
1. Internship Research Report
2. Internship Affiliation Report

(1.0) Format Of FBA Student Internship Research Report

1 .1 The Internship Research Report Proposal Format
Each student will have to prepare a Proposal giving details of the proposed topic /study he/she wants to work on. The Proposal should not be of more than 3 pages. The main contents of the Proposal are given below:

Brief Introduction of the Topic/Study
Title of the Study
Profile of the Organization or Business Establishment
Rationale of the Study (Why are you proposing this study? What is the relevance of this to you as a student and in you future career? What contributions it can give to the Faculty of Business Administration or to the university as a whole? to the business sector?)

Statement of the Problems
(Specific questions to be answered by the study.)

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

(This should describe the coverage and limits of the study in terms of the specific location, timeframe or duration, people or organizations involved, variables to be used/applied, sources of data and specific respondents)

Objectives of the Study

(These are the purpose or intent of the study which are expected to be achieved or attained at the end of the study.)
Broad/General Objective (1 or 2 statements only)
Specific Objectives (should harmonize or consistent with the statement of the problems)

Methodology of the Study

(This should describe the methods to be used in data collection, sources of data (primary or secondary), number and type of respondents (selection: total or sampling), use of questionnaire, if any, statistical application (frequency count, percentage, mean, correlation, t-test, time series, etc.), use of graphics, tables, etc.…...

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