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Comparing Renaissance vs Impressionism The beginning of the Renaissance, if asked in a question you may end up with an argument on your hands. Many believe the time frame is too difficult to track, that someone just tossed out a date in history and said, “This is when the Renaissance began and ended” and that time frame is 1300s to 1700s. However, some people believe it believe that it began at the precise year of 1401 and ended in the late 1600s. Either way they Renaissance period began after the Middle Ages when many countries were struggling with their economies, and there were gaps between the upper class and lower class populace. “First, as Petrarch sees it, the Middle Ages has an entirely negative quality. It is defined by what it is not. It is not the classical age; it is not the rebirth; it is the bare space in between. It is a time without light, without fortune, without learning. It has no positive existence. Things without positive existence are darned hard to define. Or defend. It (Middle Ages) ends when the Renaissance begins.”(Bauer, 2013) At the beginning of the Renaissance, stories in history tell us that it was a time of awakening and growth for people who are known by their art.
Not only is art a major part of the Renaissance, but there was also a change in the point of views on life, religion and science. What was the “norm” before the Renaissance was now a thing of the past. Churches were split, and ex-members were now forming new churches with new ideas and practices. In some cases, people fell away from the idea of religion and grabbed a hold of the studies pertaining to science, and inventing. This brought about the invention of the printing press, and the exploration of painting with some different styles and techniques. Two-dimensional pieces of art now had a realistic effect and three-dimensional look to it as well. Artists were…...

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