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Week 2 Excel Assignment: Description of the Spirituality Survey Responses

Chart or Table #1: Gender

Description of Chart or Table #1: Gender The purpose of this pie chart is to show the difference in the population of survey takers that were male and female. While this information does not give us any real value about the results of the survey, if we were to combine this data with additional information, this could show some of the disparities between males and female on their thoughts about spirituality.
As you can see a majority of the people surveyed were female (64%) and the minority group were males (36%).
Chart or Table #2: Ethnicity

Description of Chart or Table #2: Ethnicity This bar graph illustrates the ethnicity of the people who were willing to take the survey. Of the total 121 people who took the survey, the vast majority of them were of Black or African American decent with the smallest group being categorized as Other or Alaskan/Pacific Islander. The Hispanic group was the 2nd largest, Asian population was 3rd, and Caucasian/White was ranked 4th. One glaring statistic that is glaring in the chart is the African American group of people who were willing to take the survey so large. It would be interesting to know where this survey was offered at and something to note in the future might be to have multiple locations to offer the survey.
Chart or Table #3: Education

Description of Chart or Table #3: Education This chart shows the education level of the 121 people who took the survey. A vast majority of the people who took this survey had only Grade School education (56), nearly 5 times the amount of people who had formal education (Associate and Bachelor Degree total being 10). I have also taken the liberty of adding a trend line to show the decline in formal a in grade school education of people who were willing to be…...

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