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Family System Tools - Reframing
Marilyn B. Simmons
September 29, 2011
Dawn Oliwa, M.S.

Family System Tools – Reframing

Introduction Marriage and family counseling therapy has exploded over the past decade. Families are currently facing a wide variety of challenges and issues. Therapist and counselors are focused on using several different techniques to help establish and in some cases reestablish a healthily family functioning environment with the use of several different techniques. One of the techniques used in working with couples and families to stimulate change and gain greater understanding and information within the family structure is known as Reframing. Reframing is seen as a tool and method to offer the family a different perspective on presenting problems. Specifically, it involves taking something out of its logical class and content and placing it in another category (Sherman & Fredman, 1966). Through reframing, a negative often can be reframed into a positive. Communication patterns and processes are major factors in establishing a healthy family environment. Faulty or bad communication can severely hinder a family’s ability to resolve problems within the family structure, but literally close the door to the willingness to try. A combination of techniques can be used to shift the focus directly on Reframing to help a family or family member. Listening techniques including restatement of content, reflection of feelings,

taking turns expressing feeling and nonjudgmental brainstorming are some of the methods that are utilized in Reframing and communication skill rebuilding. During counseling, the family counselor or therapist may teach a family or couple how to flight fair, and really listen to what is actually being said rather than react from emotions. The…...

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