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Maria Kalavrezos
Professor Schwartz
WRI 102-05
29 April 2014
Throughout this semester of Writing 102, my writing and creativity have been tested and I personally believe it has helped me improve. Anytime I would write it was always very hard for me to explain my thoughts and put them onto paper. Now, it is still difficult but it has somehow gotten easier for me to brainstorm and once I’m done putting my ideas on paper I have the chance to revise everything and make sure people can understand what I am trying to say through my writing. During the drafting process of all three class papers I have tried different ways of brainstorming. I tried outlining and organizing what I wanted my paper to be like, I tried writing my body paragraphs before my introduction, and eventually I realized it’s just much easier for me to write as much as I can on what I’m trying to say first and once I’m done I spend a lot time fixing it, learning from the mistakes I made, and further explaining my ideas. My writing has changed mostly in my abilities to identify when something doesn’t sound right or should be phrased differently. I believe that I am very weak when it comes to grammar and organization. Grammar has always been difficult for me, definitely an area for me to improve, but writing has never been a main interest of mine and it is hard for me to focus and improve on something when you don’t have much of a want to. Organization is also difficult for me because it’s tough for me to develop transitions to connect between different ideas.
As I revise my final paper, I hope to use my knowledge from this semester to improve my paper. I’m putting in a lot of time and effort into this final assignment because my goal, always, is to do well and it is important to me to improve and have the ability to find the mistakes I make in my writing and fix…...

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