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BBA (I Seme A ester) BA/BS (IV Se Sc emester) 2011 A dmission onwards o

Calicut Universi P.O. M ity Malappur ram, Kera India 673 635 ala, a


School of Distance Education

BBA (I Semester) BA/BSc (IV Semester) Common Course in English

Prepared by : House No. 21 “Pranaam” Keltron Nagar, Kolazhi, Thrissur

Prepared by: Ms. SWAPNA M.S. Department of English K. K. T. M. Govt. College Pullut, Thrissur Dr. Anitha Ramesh K Associate Professor Department of English ZG College, Calicut
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History and Philosophy of Science

School of Distance Education

MODULE I ANCIENT HISTORY OF SCIENCE 1. Introduction 2. Origins of Scientific Enquiry 3. European Origins of Science 4. Contributions of Early India 5. Science in China 6. The role of Arabs in the History of Science MODULE 2 7. Science in the Middle Ages MODULE 3 MODERN SCIENCE 8. Newton and After 9. The Advancing Frontiers: Modern Medicine to Nanotechnology MODULE 4 PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 10. Basic concepts in the Philosophy of Science 11. Some Issues in the Philosophy of Science


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History and Philosophy of Science


School of Distance Education

History and Philosophy of Science 4

School of Distance Education

UNIT – 1 INTRODUCTION Objectives This chapter will help you to: 1. Understand what is science 2. Understand…...

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