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Assignment Week 4: Recruitment and Staffing
American Public University System

Human Resource Management have wide roles in organizations, and depending on the organization they may have overlapping responsibilities or they could have specific Human Resource management roles. A few of these functions are staffing, development of workplace policies, compensation and benefits administration, retention, training and development, and dealing with laws affecting employment and worker protection. The function of staffing focuses the acquisition, deployment, and retention of the organization’s workforce, and according to Heneman, Judge, & John D. Kammeyer-Mueller, (2012, p. 6) is “arguably the most critical function underlying organizational effectiveness, because “the people make the place,” because labor costs are often the highest organizational cost, and because poor hiring decisions are not easily undone”. Thus, the primary purpose of this paper is to discuss (a) what comprises a job description, the planning that goes into defining a job, (b) advantages of external recruiting, and (c) discuss which recruiting methods organization’s with low turnover rates prefer.
Keywords: Job description, recruiting methods and external recruiting advantages

Assignment Week 4: Recruitment and Staffing Define what comprises a job description, and what planning must go into defining a job?
Heneman, Judge, & John D. Kammeyer-Mueller, (2012, p. 164) state that while there is not an industry standard format for job descriptions, it should include the following: “job family, job title, job summary, task statements and dimensions, importance indicators, job context indicators, and the date that the job analysis was conducted”. The job family is the function or series that a job may fall into such, as information technology, finance, or human resource…...

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