Recommendation Brief for an Internal Accountant

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Recommendation Brief for an Internal Accountant
Auditors are hired to look beyond the apparent and find the true underlying of an organization, either good or bad. Currently Customer XYZ has an out-of-control system and hiring an internal auditor can help to remedy the issue. Auditors are beneficial because they are subject matter experts on multiple levels. According to Louwers, Ramsay, Sinason, and Strawser (2007), auditors must not only have a substantial knowledge of accounting rules but also play the roles of business advisor, industry expert, and detective. The accounting aspect of the auditor position entails the individual being able to ensure the client records complex transitions correctly (Louwers et al. 2007). As the business advisor the auditor can help clients establish strong internal control within the organization (Louwers et al. 2007). As the industry expert the auditor can help ensure that employees and members of management understand the environment in which the organization is operating (Louwers et al. 2007). The detective piece means that the auditor is making sure that clients are not trying fool the auditors or others through fraudulent reporting (Louwers et al. 2007).
When company XYZ is looking to hire an internal auditor a number of factors should be considered so that the right person for the job and organization is hired. Management within Company XYZ will want to closely examine the company’s culture and hire a person that will align with the culture. Also the auditor should have the appropriate accounting, managerial, and industry background. I would like to recommend Sara Johnson for the newly created internal auditor position. Sara has over six year of auditing experience in the benefits management industry. Sara also has an extensive knowledge of computerized accounting and auditing record keeping systems. Sara ensures that she…...

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