Recent Conflict

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Recent Conflict
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BUSI- 2304 Business Communications (On-Line)
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June 06, 2012

Recent Conflict Hello, my name is (your name goes here) I will recall a recent conflict in which I had with a parent within my homeschool business. This individual definitely approached me displaying aggressiveness. I will demonstrate how I resolved the conflict by using the assertive approach. This conflict was resolved very successfully by simply using the assertive approach.

Recent Conflict I have owned and operated a homeschool for my grandchildren, family, and friends that choose to continue their education that is designed to provide an educational safe, fun, and loving environment for any child. Everyone also see it as being affordable, while maintaining the highest standards of education with a curriculum that is supported by state-of-the-art and most appropriate educational tools available. That being said, I don’t understand why some may act out in an irate and aggressive manner. One recent beautiful evening at the end of the schools day, a parent entered the classroom that had not completely let out yet; in an aggressive and totally rude behavior. This individual definitely approached me displaying an aggressive manner while some children were still in the mist. I patiently and calmly approached her and asked her to please leave the school because children are present, and I would speak with her after I had officially let school out in making sure all children were safely dismissed as usual. At first she did not want to, but when she saw the look on her son’s face and the kindness of my behavior; she immediately calmed down and proceeded to exit the classroom. After I had successfully dismissed the…...

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