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My first Rest in Peace shirt.
Lil Chris.
In a millions years. I never thought any of my friends would get shot and die. A friend is a friend. We weren't close friends, but still friends as well as teammates. It was something that hit me deep. I have all types of friends from different areas of the U.S and around the world. I was lost when I found out. I've seen so many people with R.I.P shirts my whole life and I always thought to myself I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have to ever get a shirt for a friend of mine. I couldn't go to the memorial service or funeral. I couldn't. It was too hard for me because deep down in my heart I was hurting. I was hurting at the fact that they shot him in the head. The fact that hating on success was a result of a life being taken. I couldn't talk to anyone about it, because I could easily tear up. I had to get high off my mind and cry it out. He didn't reach the age of 21. Murdered. I don't like to say he got shot. He was Murdered on the 800 block of Jefferson street NW. We only can live for him. He meant so much to everyone one because he knew everyone. If you knew him, you could only think of funny stories about him. From peeing in the football locker room my freshman year to him acting a fool at parties. Maybe some can relate and others won't ever know what it feels like to lose a friend to gun violence. My heart goes out to his family. And we all make promises to live and turn up for him. It's only right. My first Rest in Peace shirt is in the making for Chris. I had to write this first because all of this will be on my shirt. It will remind me that life is precious. I can’t tell what the future holds, but I pray this will be my first and only R.I.P shirt. Sorry it took me a year bro. Keep Blessing us.

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