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Collect Requirements

I. Requirements Documentation

The project which we pursue is Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. It provides an application on the current intranet to help employees improve their health. MYH can pay 20 percent more than the industry average for employee health care premiums, primarily due to the poor health of its employees. This application will help improve employee health within 1 year of its rollout so that you can negotiate lower health insurance premiums, providing net savings of at least $30/employee/year for full-time employees over the next 4 years. This application would include the following capabilities:

- Allow employees to register for company-sponsored recreational programs, such as soccer, softball, bowling, jogging, walking, and other sports.

- Allow employees to register for company-sponsored classes and programs to help them manage their weight, reduce stress, stop smoking, and manage other health-related issues.

- Track data on employee involvement in these recreational and health-management programs.

- Offer incentives for people to join the programs and do well in them (e.g., incentives for achieving weight goals, winning sports team competitions, etc.).

II. Requirements Management Plan

1. Purpose

The purpose of requirement management is to establish a common understanding of the technical and non-technical requirements that will be addressed by the project between the customer and organization, within the project or organization. The goals of requirements management are to ensure that requirements are controlled to establish a baseline for development, acquisition, or management; and to ensure plans, work products, and activities are consistent with the requirements. The project provides an application on the current intranet to help employees improve their health.

2. Scope

This project provides application through intranet, where employee could improve their health by registered the company-sponsored program via the company intranet. This project can help company to decrease the premium costs, increase employees health as well as saving about $30/employee/year for full-time employees over the next four years.

3. Overview

This document contains specific details and strategies for managing the requirements of Recreation and Wellness Intranet. This application would include the following capabilities: - Allow employees to register for company-sponsored recreational programs, such as soccer, softball, bowling, jogging, walking, and other sports.

- Allow employees to register for company-sponsored classes and programs to help them manage their weight, reduce stress, stop smoking, and manage other health-related issues.

- Track data on employee involvement in these recreational and health-management programs.

- Offer incentives for people to join the programs and do well in them (e.g., incentives for achieving weight goals, winning sports team competitions, etc.).

4. Roles and responsibility

4.1 Organization

The Requirements Management Team is intended to be a virtual team. Each member has the specific roles and responsibilities set forth below, however, the members are not expected to meet face-to-face, except informally. The members primarily interact and support each other through the processes.

4.2 Roles and Responsibilities

Requirements Manager, Program Manager, Project Sponsors, Quality Manager, Risk Manager, Communication Manager, Technical Readiness Lead, Business Staff, Clients, and Partners, Technical Staff.

5. Process

We need create process flow include to: identify, validate, verify, cost estimate, delivery schedule, manage risk, manage change, approve, implement, track, report, monitor, trace.

6. Documentation

6.1 Requirement Documents

Include to: Business Requirements Document, Functional Design Document, Detail Design Document, Test Plan.

6.2 Breakdown Structures

Business Requirement/ DSD Requirement -> Functional Requirement -> Detail Requirement -> Technical Specification.

III. Requirements Traceability Matrix

No. |Description |Source |Priority |Status | |1 |The System must display a welcome message |CEO, January 29, 2012 |High |Approved | |1.1 |All messages must be in English |Client, January 29, 2012 |High |Approved | |1.2 |A welcome messages won’t be longer than 140 characters |Brainstorming session, December 27, 2011 |Medium |Approved | |2 |The System must connect to the internet |CTO, January 29, 2012 |High |Approved | |2.1 |The System must support Wi-Fi connection |John Smith, December 15, 2011 |Low |Out of Scope | |3 |The System should record audio |CEO, January 29, 2012 |Medium |Approved | |…...

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