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Honda Motors
Vision & Mission:
The Honda Foundation was established in December 1977 by donations from the founder of Honda Motor Company, Soichiro Honda, and his younger brother, Benjiro. The Foundation was established as a result of the first DISCOVERIES International Symposium that had been held the previous year. DISCOVERIES is the acronym for "Definition and Identification Studies on Conveyance of Values, Effects and Risks Inherent in Environment Synthesis." At this first symposium issues on how to harmonize human activities with the earth’s environment were actively discussed from the perspective of a broad range of different fields. The response to this approach was huge with mounting requests to continue and expand these discussions. The Foundation was thus established in 1977 to address these issues. Since then the DISCOVERIES series of international symposia covering a broad range of topics have been held 11 times in various world-renowned cities. In 2000 the international symposium discussed the topic of what form regional cooperation in East Asia should take, and since then there have been all types of seminars and symposia held every year on a variety of timely topics, all of which have been highly regarded. In 1980 the Foundation established an international award, the Honda Prize, to recognize individuals or groups for distinguished contributions in the field of ecotechnology. Since then, the Foundation has continued activities to honor scientists who have contributed new value to the world. In 2006 the scholarship program Honda Young Engineer and Scientist’s Award (YES Award) was established to foster the next generation of leaders in the field of science and technology. In order to attract more talented people in this field the Foundation plans to broaden its scope in the future, especially for students in Asia. In…...

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