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When Barack Obama was elected as president in 2008, the content of the buzz consisted of how he was the first African-American president more than anything. Is this problematic? If you're celebrating an honourable feat for the African American community, then maybe not. But the fact that he was labelled as the first African American president may be problematic. I stand in front of you today, not superior or inferior to you, but as someone on equal ground. I stand in front of you today to settle the wounds of antagonism, the anger of prejudice, the pain of discrimination, and the desire to eradicate the disputes, the struggles and the torment associated with racism. As of now, I may stand before you as an individual identified to be of Asian ethnicity, but I hope to leave you as an individual of the human race.

When we are born, we are born into a racist society. People generate implicit assumptions of other people based on outer appearance. People discriminate against people and you can't deny that race ultimately plays a role in that process of discrimination. White people can't dance. All Asians are geniuses and know kungfu. All African Americans are good at basketball. All Indians eat is curry. The racial judgments are endless and the world is full of it. Some people live in fear, knowing that their every move is being observed and judged. Some people live in fear, knowing that they'll be mocked and ostracised. Some people live in fear...and others provoke this fear. But the basis of this fear is non-existent. It is flimsy, hypothetical, whimsical and groundless. Let me tell you why.

In 1950, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation released a document which recognises that mankind is one and also that all humans belong to the same race and species. No matter what 'race' we come from, we are not different to each other. I believe…...

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