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Belonging through relationships
Meaning: A sense of belonging can be forstered through relationships this may be strengthened or broken down.
Quote: Rosiland and Celia
"To you I give myself for i am yours" 5.4.101
Conversation between rosiland and celia are witty and help us to understanf their friendship as close- as they banter between each other- we seee values and ideas to the society they belong to.
Some characters choose not to Belong
Meaning: Where most people choose to belong to a place or a person, some people choose not to belong at all.
Quote: Jacques to Duke Senior
"So to your pleasures; i am for other than for dancing measures"
Jacques refuses Dukes invite to stay with him and his men and chooses to leave to go find the self-exiled Duke frederick. Jacques is seen to belong to himself rather than anything else.
Belonging to a society or place
Meaning: A person that finds pleasure or enjoyment in where they are rather than who they are with. Shown in As You Like It as a bad lifestyle.
Technique: Shakespeare shows his discomfort to this lifestyle. This is shown through the murderous intentions of Duke Frederick and Oliver, who at first find their belonging to the court, until they are changed in the Forest of Ardern.
Belonging to family
Meaning: Where someone feels a sense of attachment to someone due to a family connection.
Example: When Oliver is about to be attacked by a lion, Orlando his brother saves him, even though he knew Oliver had been sent by Duke Frederick to kill him. Oliver then sees the strength Orlando's love for Oliver and finds the same…...

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