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Communication Is Key

Mark Johnson, one of QuickBiz’s longtime car messengers, was hopelessly stuck in traffic. An accident involving two semitrailer trucks had brought traffic on Interstate 5 to a dead stop. He desperately needed to contact his customer—a medical supply firm—to alert them that his delivery would be delayed. So he used his hands-free cellular phone to call the customer. His contact at the supply firm acknowledged his delay and told him that the supplies were a routine delivery to a hospital pharmacy and not to worry—as long as the hospital received the delivery sometime that day, they’d be fine. Mark apologized for the glitch and promised to get off at the next exit as soon as he could move again. Then he used his group e-mail program to warn other messengers to stay off I-5 for the time being. Maybe he could save somebody else a headache.

Using New Technology

When cellular phones with GPS (global positioning service) capability became affordable, Andrew Langston equipped each messenger with such a phone so headquarters would be able to locate and communicate with them instantly, and they would be able to communicate among themselves. Andrew also negotiated a good deal for text messaging. Text messaging was especially important in case cellular services deteriorated, because even in emergencies such as floods or earthquakes, text messaging has proven itself superior to cellular voice service. In addition, text message alerts could be broadcast to the entire delivery fleet. Now messengers could be rerouted around trouble spots. Of course, occasional delays for one or two messengers would still occur, but the problems now could be isolated.

As soon as the media began reporting a link between cell phone use and automobile accidents, Andrew decided to purchase hands-free Bluetooth car kits so that messengers could…...

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