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Pt1420 Lab 3

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LAB 3.1 Variable Name | Problem (Y or N) | If Yes, what’s wrong? | Declare Real creditsTaken | No | | Declare Int creditsLeft | Yes | The variable should be declared as Real so it can indicate decimal values | Declare Real studentName | Yes | The variable should be a String to store text | Constant Real creditsNeeded = 90 | No | |

Step 2: The calculation should be “creditsLeft = creditsNeeded – creditsTaken”
Step 3: “The student’s name is Nolan Owens”
Step 4: “The Network Systems Administration degree is awarded after 90 credits and Nolan Owens has 70 left to take before graduation.”
Step 5:
1. //Provide documentation on line 2 of what this program does
2. //This program calculates how many credits a student still needs to graduate the NSA program 3. //Declare variables on lines 4, 5, 6, and 7
4. Declare Real creditsTaken = 0
5. Declare Real creditsLeft = 0
6. Declare String studentName = “NO VALUE”
7. Declare Constant Real creditsNeeded = 90 8. //Ask for user input of studentName and creditsTaken on line 9 - 12.
9. Display “What is the student’s name?”
10. User input = studentName
11. Display “How many credits does the student have?”
12. User input = creditsTaken 13. //Calculate remaining credits on line 14
14. creditsLeft = creditsNeeded – creditsTaken 15. //Display student name and credits left on line 16 and 17
16. Display “The student’s name is “, studentName
17. Display “They require “, creditsLeft ,” in order to graduate the NSA program.”

LAB 3.3

Module Module1

Sub Main() Const fiberCost As Double = 0.87 Dim companyName As String = "NO VALUE" Dim numFeet As Double = 0 Dim totalCost As Double = 0 Dim anotherEstimate As String = "n"


Console.Write("Enter company name. ") companyName = Console.ReadLine()

Console.Write("Enter number of feet of fiber to be installed. ") numFeet = Console.ReadLine()

totalCost = numFeet * fiberCost

Console.WriteLine("For your company, " & companyName & ", the total price of the required fiber is $" & totalCost & ".")

Do Console.WriteLine("Would you like to get another esitmate? Type 'y' for yes, 'n' for no: ") anotherEstimate = Console.ReadLine()

Loop Until anotherEstimate = "n" Or anotherEstimate = "y"

Loop Until anotherEstimate = "n"

Console.Write("Press enter to continue...") Console.ReadLine() End Sub

End Module

LAB 3.4

Module Module1

Sub Main() Dim creditsNeeded As Double = 0 Dim creditsEarned As Double = 0 Dim studentName As String = "NO VALUE" Const creditsTotal As Double = 90

Console.WriteLine("Welcome to the Network Systems Administration credit requirement calculator!") Console.WriteLine("What is your name?") studentName = Console.ReadLine()

Console.WriteLine("How many credits have you earned already?") creditsEarned = Console.ReadLine()

creditsNeeded = creditsTotal - creditsEarned

Console.WriteLine("" & studentName & " requires " & creditsNeeded & " credit hours in order to graduate the Network Systems Administration degree program at ITT Tech.") Console.WriteLine("Thank you for using this program. Press enter to continue...") Console.ReadLine()

End Sub

End Module…...

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