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Psych 305

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Kalina Anderson
Professor Gretchen Brandhorst
April 27, 2015
PSY 305
Exploring Psychology Careers

Every time you interact with a person, this means you will be using psychology.Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Psychology is used in everything, it is used in sales, advertising, managing, statistics, relationships, design, health/psychological health, critical thinking etc. Psychology is beneficial in many ways. Psychology improves communication skills. When we study how people engage in conversation, we can then develop an understanding of how people communicate and gain better personal communication skills and increase effective communication of any regard. This also goes hand in hand when trying to avoid potential miscommunication errors. Understanding psychology also allows for an increased understanding of others. Psychology gives us a “window” into the actions of others that allows us to understand the emotional drive behind human action. This makes it easier to understand actions that seem incomprehensible. Lastly, psychology also helps students gain stronger conflict resolution skills. Once we understand the reasons behind someone's actions, it allows you to become more adept at solving any conflict. The same concept is applied when you understand how someone is most likely to respond to certain situations, the emotional process that lead to a response then allows you to effectively predict how a situation can transpire. It is good to get your BA in psychology because this allows you to apply for a broad selection of jobs available. Once you further your education and make the decision to attend graduate school, the area of specialization becomes much more important. In…...

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