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Business Project
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Session: 2014 – 2018
Major: BBA (A)

Question 1: Take a look at some of the advertising conducted by locally based business in your area. Chose two campaigns one that you think is effective and one is that you think is ineffective. What differences in the campaigns make one the better than other.
Answer: Two local based business that I’ve choose is “Ahmed fabrics “and the other campaign is “Aslam fabrics”. I found Ahmed fabrics more effective campaign because of their advertisement. Advertisement in sense, they put up many Ads on social media i.e. Facebook, Google and many others as well as on cable TVs and billboard’s. This is how they attract people. People start knowing about their packages and people always have the name of something when they need something means let suppose that I wanted to buy a unstitch shirt piece from local business i.e. not from brand. The first name which comes to my mind is “Ahmed fabrics” just because I’ve seen many Ads of that campaign and this campaign usually upload their sale packages i.e. 50% of on entire stock, buy 1 get one free, upto 70% off on so on…. to social media which attract people too much. Aslam fabrics is not so popular or may be many people don’t know about them unless those who’ve visited the area where Aslam fabrics is. Just because they haven’t had any Ads or interaction to people via social media or nothing to advertised locally i.e. no pamphlets, no billboards, so, no one easily know about them. So, the point is this advertisement matters a lot in promotion of your business and increases your sales and generates profit.
Question 2: Select a good or a services that you have purchased recently try to retrace the promotional tools that bought the product to your attention were some of those promotional…...

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