Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc

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Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc.

Project Management Leadership BUS 518
26 February, 2012
As project leader for the office building construction project, formulate a vision statement for the team project.

According to Gray and Larson (2008) a vision is unlike a project scope statement, which includes: budget, end dates, and performance requirements, a vision involve the less tangible aspects of project performance. It refers to an image a project team holds in common about how the project will look upon completion, how they will work together and/or how customers will accept the project (p. 361-362). A simple level of a shared vision will answer the question, what do we want to create? Not everyone will have the same vision, but the images should be comparable. Additionally, vision comes in a variety of shapes and forms such as: in a slogan, a symbol and/or written as a formal vision statement (p.362). A vision can also inspire members to give their best effort. However, shared visions bring together experts with different skills and agendas to a mutual objective. Shared visions also help motivate members to subordinate their individual agenda and do what is normally best for the project. Finally, a shared vision for a project fosters obligations to the long term and discourages expedient responses that collectively dilute the quality of the project (Grey & Larson, 2008). Developing a vision statement is a chance for members of the organization and or project to come together and look at their areas of expertise and collectively decide the future of the project. The vision statement for this project must convey innovation and creativity that is essential for a contemporary workplace. The project is to use the Autodesk Inc., a company that produces software for architecture, engineering, and construction, to create a non-traditional office…...

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