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Interview Profile Mark Spencer Axia College BEH 225

This course, BEH225, has spent the past nine weeks introducing us to different human behaviors and specific types of mental disorders. When exploring theories and concepts associated with the psychology of the human mind, you quickly discover that genetics does play as big a role as does one's upbringing. I specifically enjoyed the section that explored different types of motivation an employee may or may not display. Another area that I found to be enlightening delved into the various psychological disorders that we may encounter during our life. I am going to apply what we have studied throughout this course to my interview with Dorothy. Certain aspects, methods, and attitudes are going to be explored, such as memory, learning, intelligence, personality, cognition, motivation, and testing of Dorothy and myself.

In order to retain information, some people prefer to read the data while other people prefer to listen as the data is read. "Once you know your own natural learning preference, you can work on expanding the way you learn, so that you can learn in other ways, not just in your preferred style. And, by understanding learning styles, you can learn to create an environment in which everyone can learn from you, not just those who use your preferred style." ( One of the first questions I asked Dorothy as we began our interview was how she remembered information. I offered two options; reading about a behavior or observing the behavior. She explained that she does like to read, but if she needs to recall the information, she prefers to observe the behavior. As I am a visual learner also, I too prefer to watch a behavior taking place. This helps me remember the information easier than I would be able to had I only read about it in a text book. In discussing this…...

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