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The Contribution of Higher Education In Nursing

Grand Canyon University: NRS- 430 V Professional Dynamics

THE CONTRIBUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN NURSING 2 Nursing in today’s day and age is a profession that is both rewarding and demanding. With increased pressure on hospitals to provide clinically sound medical care while functioning as a business, nurses are at the forefront of providing patient safety in a business environment. America depends on both two and four year institutions of higher education to prepare nurses, who will be working side by side in the healthcare environment. As a result of nursing job growth and projected retirement rates, it is estimated that America will need one million additional Registered Nurses by 2018 (Fulcher, Mullin, 2011). With strong evidence that a Baccalaureate degree in nursing improves patient outcomes, the IOM recommends 80% of nurses have a BSN by the year 2020. Evidence clearly suggests a relationship between a baccalaureate education and improved patient outcomes (Sarver, Cichra & Cline, 2015). One difference that may contribute to competency differences between ADN and BSN programs is number of credit hours obtained while in school. BSN programs require 120 credit hours whereas ADN programs require 71.5 (Fulcher, Mullin, 2011). Thus, the amount of hours spent learning is greatly reduced in an ADN program. One can infer that more school hours contributes to deeper understanding and knowledge. Hospitals that employ higher rates of nurses with BSN’s have a correlation with a decrease in mortality and morbidity (Sarver, Cichra & Cline, 2015). This finding is leading hospitals and legislation towards requiring or encouraging further education in the field of Registered Nursing (Sarver, Cichra & Cline, 2015). ADN programs…...

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