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Processors and Their Characteristics

Three of the latest and fastest processors available are the 1 Intel Core i7-980x. This is the leader in speed. For under $1,000 the “3.33GHz Core i7-980x (with overclocking to 3.6 GHz) is Intel’s flagship.” (Murphy, 2010) It's the first desktop-grade CPU with six physical cores, but hyper threading yields 12 virtualized ones. The six cores share 12MB of integrated L3 cache. The end result is a measurable performance boost for optimized applications--and a score of 147 on our World Bench 6 tests.” (Murphy, 2010) Core i7-870 processor Intel’s 2.93GHz (with automatic overclocking to 3.6GHz) Core i7-870. The differences between this $564 processor and the Core i7-980X, though important, result in only a 14 percent decrease in performance from that of the Core i7-980X. The i7-870 drops its internal L3 cache to 8MB. In addition, it carries a 45-nanometer designation (the size of the space between transistors). The smaller this number, the smaller and more numerous the transistors that can be packed onto a processor. Also, this midrange CPU limits you to four memory slots on your motherboard instead of six. BENCHMARK SCORE: 127

AMD has a brand-new, six,-core, 3.2GHz Phenom II X6 1090T processor. Codenamed
"Thuban," this $299, 45-nanometer CPU can hit speeds of up to 3.6GHz as a result of
Turbo Core, the AMD equivalent of Intel's automatic overclocking technology (which is called Turbo Boost). The X6 1090T's 6MB L3 cache is half that of Intel's six-core chip, and it takes a performance hit of 20 percent compared with Intel's Core i7-980X. The X6 1090T also lacks an answer for hyper threading, a critical technological component of Intel's top-shelf CPU lineups. Performance gaps aside, the X6 1090T is the most compatible, against Intel by a mile. This CPU can be used with existing motherboard with AM3 or AM2+ sockets
(after a BIOS upgrade), The combination of a simple upgrade path and the CPU's low price of $299 makes for a great alternative to upgrading your existing motherboard and memory, if you just want the benefits of a new, up-to-date processor.
> BENCHMARK SCORE: 118 The best Processor for graphics and video would be the Intel Core i7-980X, because of the Benchmark score is the highest, and graphics and video are taken into account. If a 1GHz Processor is replaced by a 2GHz processor it will not necessarily run twice as fast. It depends a lot on the clock speed of your computer.

Murphy, David
PC World. Aug2010, Vol. 28 Issue 8, p87-92. 6p. 8 Color Photographs, 1 Chart.
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Product Review
INTEL microprocessors -- Evaluation
AMD microprocessors
ADVANCED Micro Devices Inc.
The article evaluates several computer processors, including the Intel Core i7-980X from Intel, the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and the Intel Core i3-540 from Intel. INSET: Server CHIPS.
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