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Procedure for Making Tea

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Procedure for making tea

Have you ever wanted to relax while drinking your most favorite tea? But don’t know how to make tea for yourself or for your family member. Well worry no more because making tea is as simple as saying,” one, two,three.” All you need is a teapot, a cup, and some tea. Not only will you be able to enjoy your most favorite tea from now on, but you will also be able to enjoy your life even more, too. Making tea will surely be a benefit for you and your family because not only will tea release your stress from everyday life, but it can also relax your body and mind.

The very first step on how to make tea can be really dangerous sometime if you aren’t careful because the first thing that you are going to do is to boil some water. Start of by pouring more than enough water for yourself to drink into a regular pot, and bring it to a boil. The best water to pour into the pot would be filtered or bottled water, not distilled. If you are using tap water make sure to let the water run cold for about five seconds before pouring it into the pot. Also, when you are boiling the water make sure that you had only boil the water once because if you boil the water more than once the oxygen levels in the water will be reduced and will than make your tea taste flat.This process can sometime be really dangerous if you are not careful because if you leave flammable stuff such as paper on top of your stove while boiling the water, than the paper may catch on fire and even burn your whole house down.

While the water is boiling, you can start by pouring the tea into a cup or teapot. If you are preparing tea by using a tea bag, you don’t have to worry about the measurement because it is already done for you. But if you are preparing tea using raw tea leaf, use about one or two teaspoons of your desired flavor tea leaf. Beware…...

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