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The case study refers to two different surgical teams, with a related organization, that was affected in a different way after implementing an original knowledge for cardiac surgery. Traditionally, in the OR settings, there is a quantity of protocols and routines with the purpose of providing steadiness of practice across unusual hospitals. In this situation, generally everyone knows what their responsibility is, and the team members do carry out in performance without needing to communicate a lot in the company of each other, or at least they think so. Innumerous studies demonstrate that unsuccessful team communication repeatedly has been established to be present at the starting place of medical errors (Apker, Propp, Ford, & Hofmeister, 2006). A team is an assembly of individuals with harmonizing skills with the intention of achieving universal goals (Collins & Parker 2010). To be successful, teams ought to be appropriately managed and considered (Johnson 2009).
A solution of a team achievement is inter-professional interaction. The case study without a doubt sets the two nurses experiences apart. Nurse A was a component of a team that embraced the alteration, took the accurate steps to put into action the modification and understood the advantages of adopting the original equipment. Effective coordination and communication surrounded by team members may have been the explanation why they felt safe and empowered to verbalize when something was incorrect. While members of a team may feel empowered and valuable, knowledge is collective and hierarchies do not matter any more, they consider being indispensable and a significant component of a team. They all take accountability as a team and they work towards one goal, the security of their patient.
Nurse’s B situation was absolutely out of the ordinary and is obvious that team exchange of ideas was one of the…...

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