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NAME: Travis Crew YOUT 201 – D03

Type in your answers and submit through Blackboard. You will be graded according to the content and sufficiency of your answers. Please pay attention to your syntax and spelling. You are expected to completely read the “Principles” workbook. You must fill out the integrity statement which is at the conclusion of this review.

1. In at least five sentences, describe the correlation between Nehemiah's situation and today's youth culture: They were living in a Nation that had been attacked; it was without a defense against the enemy. They would be vulnerable to more attacks if no action was taken. God had placed people that were willing to sacrifice themselves in strategic locations to fulfill the requirement. Even though they faced opposition and hard time they stayed focused on the task at hand. God saw their faithfulness and blessed them for it.

2. In at least five sentences, according the workbook, why does the Church need to provide student ministry? (p. 4-7)
The majority of people are saved before the age of 21.Only about four to six percent of high school students claim to have personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of those four to six percent 90% of them leave the church with only 20% returning later in life. We need to properly train our young people about what the bible teaches so they have a clear understanding and will not be swayed by un-Godly influence. We are now living in a generation that has no Godly heritage.

3. What are the three roles of the youth pastor, including the “m’s” and the accompanying scripture verses? (p. 9) a. An Elder (his modeling) (1 Timothy 4:12, 16) b. An overseer (his managing) (Acts 20:28) c. A pastor (his ministering) (2 Timothy 4:2a, 5d)

4. What are the five priorities…...

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