Presenting Results and Writing Conclusions

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Presenting the results and summarizing and discussing the results

Chapter 19 discussed the ideal or thought process in regards to presenting the results. The results section of a research paper describes, defines and expresses to the reader the outcome, conclusion or findings of the research project. Utilizing some simple and clear-cut techniques, methods or procedures in the preparation of this section produces a clear and comprehensible presentation of results of the research. The goal of research is not just to discover something but to communicate that discovery to a larger audience other social scientists, government officials, teachers, the general public, perhaps several of these audiences. Subsequently there are many research reports that are very incomplete or poorly written or that speak to only one of several interested audiences. The failure may not be complete, but the project’s full potential is not achieved. The stage of reporting research results is also the point at which the need for new research is identified.

In chapter 20 the focus was on summarizing and discussing the results. As a result the initial task will be to provide a verbal summary of the research findings. Therefore there is no need to repeat the findings and the findings should be in simple terms. In addition the need for figures is not a good ideal based on the fact that the results are generally or purely summary. Subsequently taking into account the brief, concise and short summary in relation to the findings should ultimately be related to other research findings and speculative or theoretical models in an attempt to put in plain words, enlighten, describe or explain the results. In addition we should annotate whether or not there s a difference between what others have researched in regards to what we’ve researched and concluded as a result of the survey. Do our findings…...

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