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Prelab Assignment Lab 5

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ITCS 1212L

PreLab 5

Rational and equality operators, logical operators, conditional operators, conditional structures, selective structures, typecasting, and working with debuggers.

Learning Objectives:
● Practice more with if-else-if and switch statements.
● Understand the concept of scope
● Understand the difference between static, local and global variables
● Practice with functions that can return more than a value and whose parameters’ scopes are not local to the function
● Input validation

These pre-labs are directly related to the lab activities. You don’t need to complete the program. What you need to do is to work on the logic and perhaps some key parts of each program and then complete them in the lab.

Assigned: Date of your lab 4
Due: the night before lab 5

Questions Prelab activity for Lab 5A:
Find the difference between two types of returning values.
Implement the following function prototypes (which take hours of work as integer and the rate of pay as float and calculates the net-payment as float) on paper. Also, write a main function which calls both functions. Compare the calculated net values and show the proper message whether or not they match. Name your variables as hours, rate, and netPay.

float calNetPay(int, float); void calNetPay2(float&, int, float);

Also, answer the following questions:
What does the operator & do? Create a table and put all of the variables of the program inside the first column. The second column should show the scope of each variable. For example for calNetpay2 function if you called the integer variables hours, its scope will be the function calNetPay2.

Prelab activity for Lab 5B:

Create a flowchart showing the following scenario: 1. Present the user with a list of options, 1-3 with proper message as indicated below.
2. Get the user’s choice.
3. If it is one, show the max temperature for zipcode 28223.
4. If it is two, show the min temperature for zipcode 28223.
5. If it is three, exit the program.

Prelab activity for Lab 5C:
You saw the following menu-driven program before which determines the max and min temperatures. This time, it is a complete code to calculate the charges for a health club membership.

#include using namespace std;

// Function protoypes char showMenu(); double calculateMembershipRate(char, int); void displayMembershipRate(double);

int main()
// Declare variables char choice; // To hold menu choice int months; // To hold the number of months double membershipRate; // To calculate the membership rates

// Function call to display the menu and return the menu // choice choice = showMenu();

// Accept number of months and calculate membership rates if user chooses A, B or C if(choice != 'D') { // Get the number of months cout months;

// Make a function call to calculate the membership rates. Send choice, and months as parameters membershipRate = calculateMembershipRate(choice, months);

// Make a function call to display the final membership rate displayMembershipRate(membershipRate); } else { cout…...

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