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Poverty; “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor.” If I lived in poverty my life suffering couldn’t be cured by money. My personal sufferings were the cause of conflict, social, and environmental issues. Being in this cycle through life is not by choice but by somewhat by force. By being in poverty we are given less opportunities, education tools to achieve a higher status. The poverty class has a much larger gap than the upper class. Inequality exists in income, wealth, power and education.
Education, one of the most powerful tools in America now-a-days, one of the only ways of being able to leave the cycle of poverty is becoming harder and harder for children in poverty to succeed and be able to leave this harsh cycle. Education is difficult for kids in poverty because of the limited amount of resources they are given. They also may be isolated because they might not be accepted by their peers because of the general stigma against families in poverty. Also because their parents may not have completed school and the children aren’t given very much or any support from their parents. Without education not only will it affect the poverty group it would also affect the country as a whole, the country will not be able to progress and this would just create an even greater poverty. Good education is the only means of breaking the cycle of poverty for poor children. However, when there is little access to good education, bad education is the alternative.
Lack of power may result in chaos and violence. Poverty leads to violence in the society and even in homes. Poverty is very often the cause of high rates of divorce, family failures and also prostitution. Nowadays we people are forced to live a highly materialistic life and those who are unable to cope with that situation are even ready to kill, to attain the objective of some type of power. Not only does poverty lead to violence it also leads to the use of alcohol and substance abuse. People in poverty see alcohol and drug abuse as a type of escape from their situations, alcohol is not at all means an escape, rather than being an escape it just leads to greater issues. Not only does it seem as an escape, it seems as a way of being accepted by society, alcohol is expensive and when they drink they feel as if they have reached a certain status.
Wealth, Something everyone attempts to gain. Not only is wealth a good thing for the rich but it also affects poverty. Wealth becomes concentrated and there are too many people at the low end who can’t contribute to the cost of society, when this happens the burden falls upon the upper half. People suffering from poverty may become enraged at the disparity between themselves and the wealthy and may express that rage through a violent revolution and redistribution of wealth.
All in all if I lived in poverty I would be in many hardships, everyday would be a new struggle and a new way of trying to beat the stereotype. Attempting to leave the cycle day by day, and by using my little resources to my advantage, by taking my personal sufferings and sharing them and letting them be known that there is a way out of poverty.…...

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