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This morning was a pain in my soul and heart. ❤️ but I got over it, and moved on from it. I just cannot stop thinking about you, I was just remembering when I had saw you on Friday during the prep rally , and how happy you were to be with me and kiss on me and hug on me. I was just gazing in your eyes and smiling hard, cause I know I am the luckiest woman on earth. Baby I love it when you open your heart and talk to me. It’s like my world is shifting towards you. When you explain things like husband to wife, in a calm tone kinda then it just reaches me. I remember the last conversation we had about life in general and the issues that have been bothering you. ❤️You are right about every single thing that we need to fix and change about me, you, and our relationship, and about everything, there is no question about that. I am blessed to have you as a wife and our future kids will be the luckiest kids in the world. The reason I can put my mind to anything because I know you are taking care of everything in the best possible way. I know the last few months have been challenging. And for whatever reason we have always stayed together. ☺️But the real reason for me is you. Yes I This hate your anger. Yes I hate when you talk to me like I'm nothing. But I know that the topic is not about harm but things which are important. I believe that the biggest issue is separation. That is beyond any doubt a huge issue. How can any relationship survive with so much distance? It can't baby, and it's obvious that you know that. I'm just so grateful for you, and I can't wait for more years and memories to come. Baby I want to hold you in my arms, and just feel a depth of emotional love and lots of love making and not to mention a million conversations Our relationship is a stormy ⛈kind of love which is passionate and most importantly, WE ARE MEANT TO BE…...

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