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Masangcay, Maureen Joy, M.
Tomorrow’s Forecast: Our future is Now

Forum create discussion environment by saving any information posted on a certain topic for others to see at any time, thus people can have high-quality discussions since they would have time to think about and research the topic or comment at hand. It also improves the ability to express and see differing views and opinions on a diverse range of topics. The forum was called “Politikapekonomiya” The purpose of the event is to discuss political and economic issues over a cup of coffee. The theme of the forum was “Tomorrow’s Forecast: Our future is Now” The mechanics of the event discussed by Ms. Gina Bonifacio. The invited experts were introduced by Ms. Rica Ani. The speakers were Mr. Carl Joseph Sammocte, Mr. Arnel Lopez S Jose. Nparrato Jr., Ms. Marissa Argente and Mr. Romeo Sulit also attended. Two issues were discussed and were presented through video clips. The first issue was "What Pnoy and administration has done and if the statistical data reflects the real situation of the country and what can be done by the next administration?" It is an economic issue. The second issues tackles about "Information Shortcut." Information shortcut refers on how educated we as a voter. It is a political issue. After the discussion of each issue, there is an open forum. Questions from the audience are entertained and answered by the experts. Ms. Shien Guhit did the synthesis and Ms. Bendalyn Landicho, the Associate Dean made the closing remarks. There is also a simple raffle at the end.

In this forum with the theme “Tomorrow’s Forecast: Our future is Now” I learned that each one of us has responsibility in creating ways toward our dream. In order for us to be in line with these ways, you must possess perseverance. Life is a continous process of learning. The learnings you…...

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