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Westminster parliament is bi cameral which means 2 chambers: House of Commons (originally commoners) and House of Lords (originally aristocrats). Parliament is the oldest legislator in the world; it is the mother of parliaments.

House of commons is made up of 650 MPS, government are trying to reduce it to 600. House of Lords is around 800. Until 19th century, both houses were roughly equal. But as the 19th century goes on , votes are often given to more and more men , the house of commons requires more status and the house of Lords has less status.
The last prime minister to come from the house of Lords in 1902.
Parliament act of 1911 removed the power of vetoe. The Lords could not longer vetoe an act of parliament, only delay 2 years. 1949 that 2 years was reduced to 1 year and that’s where it remains.
Salisbury convention - the lords will not even delay a bill for which the government have a mandate.

Conflict between house of Lords and house of commons is very rare. Rare examples, 2005 – fox hunting, the parliament act was pushed through banned, commons pushed it through. Autumn 2011- the lords rejected Osbornes working tax credits party.
The Lords debate bills but more importantly they offer any perspective of bills, they are a revising chamber.
Over 800 Lords, the vast majority of them are life peers.
Lord Sacks is an independent Lord , he is not under a party. Some Lords who are supporters of particular parties , no party have a majority in the house of lords. This is one of the merits of the lords, there is less partisan, no party dominance within Lords.
Up until 1999 ( blair) there were around 800 hereditray Lords. Labour abolished the vast majority of those hereditary peers, the vast majority of those were conservatives. 92 hereditary peers survived.

House of commons

Elections every 5…...

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