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The organization I chose volunteer for is the League of Women Voters of California. The league is an organization for both men and women that strives for participation in government. What sets them apart is their goal of encouraging people to make informed and educated decisions. The League of Women Voters is non-partisan and does not support any particular political part or candidate.

When I contacted the local office I was told by Cheryl, the woman who oversaw my volunteering, that they needed a makeover for their brochure and flyer. This brochure was extremely outdated and needed a serious overhaul. In conjunction with a classmate, I redesigned the brochure to give it a more modern appearance making it more eye catching in hopes of creating more league memberships and provoking more donations. I would have to say this became my main goal of my volunteering experience. Although I was asked that the writing on the brochure went unchanged I wanted to do redesign the graphics and layout of the brochure to make is more interesting and readable. In a way I feel like the hard work I put into the brochure would strengthen and increase the growth of the league.

The second piece I worked on with my classmate was the organizations flyer. The flyer was essentially of form that people could use to join the League of Women Voters or simply enclose a donation and at the same time give a little information about the group. In both the brochure and flyer color played an important role. The original designs lacked color or any visual interest and I saw this to me a major problem. Cheryl asked that the color scheme be red, white and blue so I played with these colors to create a big visual impact. I ran into a problem with my first draft even though the league loved it because I used too much color and the local league simply could not afford to print it. I…...

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