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Polama is a holiday compare site which helps the customer to find the holiday that suits you.
The company makes sure that, from the experience, the customer doesn’t just go buy a holiday online. You look at a number of sites, make a shortlist, remove a few that don't meet your criteria, narrow the list further, check the value for money offered by various packages, shortlist further and continue this till you finally pick the one that suits you the best.
Polama makes this process easier for customer.
It helps customer to find the one that fits customers taste and budget - easily and quickly.
It doesn't charge, the customer, anything. It is completely free.
Background and Inception of the Company
Polama is a holiday comparison site, founded by M D Ramaswami and Dilip Panicker and went live on December 21, 2010.

M D Ramaswami and Dilip Panicker were classmates and alumni of IIT Madras. The passion of travelling decided them to come up with Polama and leverage their strong background to build an internet portal to make the process of searching for and comparing holiday option easier for users.
It was analyzed that over 80 percent of Indians plan their holidays using the internet, since it saves them time and effort. 99% of those who purchase holidays compare multiple options before buying a holiday. The available options are typically found by searching the internet using Google, Yahoo or Bing. Finding the options, making enough sense out of them to compare is time-consuming and painstakingly difficult.

About Polama
Polama is the world’s first ‘holiday package’ comparison portal. A vital tool for holiday search, it provides access to more than 3000 holiday destinations worldwide and features comparison of holiday choices from several holiday providers like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Travel Tours, SOTC, TravelPort, etc.
Currently targets…...

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