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Splendid Isolation - coined originally by a Canadian, this term was used to describe Britain's foreign policy within Europe during the late 19th century, a policy characterised by a reluctance to enter into permanent alliances with other great powers, but rather to concentrate on their colonies.

The Franco-Prussian War, 1870 - spanning from July 1870 until May 1871, the Franco-Prussian War was fought between the French and the Germans, resulting in a comprehensive German victory. The primary cause of the war was Otto von Bismarck, Prussian Chancellor, and his desire to create a unified Germany.

Unification of Germany - officially occurring on the 18th January 1871, this unification was a direct result of the Franco-Prussian War, although many believed this organisation of German-speaking populations into one nation was inevitable. Nevertheless, this rose tensions for political, religious and cultural reasons, meaning true unification wasn't complete for years.

Austria-Hungary - in the Balkans, the growth of Slavic nationalist groups threatened the stability of the already-fragile Austro-Hungarian empire. These groups sought to gain independence from the political domination of this empire.

Unification of Italy - this involved the consolidation of states of the Italian peninsula into one state, spanning a large proportion of the 19th century. Many see the completion of this process as 1871, when Rome was made the capital city of this unified state. This was due to a growing national identity and the sight of nearby countries also unifying.

The Dual Alliance, 1879 - created on 7th October 1879 as part of Otto von Bismarck's plan to prevent or limit war. This alliance existed between Germany and Austria-Hungary, focusing on protecting one another in the event of Russian or French invasion.

The Triple Alliance, 1882 - this was a military…...

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...pokemon * Prime * Sign in or Register * Top of Form Bottom of Form IGN's Best of January Winners * Game Highlights * Create Wiki * Review * Videos * Images * All Articles Pokemon Emerald Version - Gameshark Codes List ========================================================== ========================================================== POKEMON EMERALD US VERSION GAMESHARK CODES FAQ (Version 3) ========================================================== ========================================================== ================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= Section 1:Version Updates Section 2:Master Code (Gameshark) Section 3:Wild Pokemon Modifier Section 4:Wild Pokemon Level Modifier Section 5:Wild Pokemon Nature And Gender Modifier Section 6:Wild Pokemon Modifier Second Part Section 7:Wrap Codes Section 8:TM Modifier Section 9:Buy Any Item Section 10:General Codes Section 10:Note From The Author Section 10:Thanks ==================================================== ========================= SECTION 1:VERSION UPDATES ========================= ---------- Version 2 ---------- Added Complete Wild Pokemon Modifier with Gender and Nature Modifier Added TM Modifier ---------- Version 3 ---------- Added Buy Any Item Section:9 And General Codes Section Section:10 ============================================================ ========================== MASTER CODE...

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... 1.2 Pok�mon Encounter Codes. 1.2.1 Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes.* 1.2.2 Wild Pokemon's Level Modifier Codes.* 1.2.3 Route 101 Pokemon Modifier Codes.* 1.3 Item & TH/HM Moves Codes. 1.3.1 Unlimited Items Code.* 1.3.2 Make Pok�mons learn any TM-HM Codes.* 1.3.3 Make HM Moves erasable Code.* 1.3.4 PC Items Codes. 1.3.5 Secret Base Items Codes. 1.4 Miscellanous Codes. 1.4.1 Unlock Full Pokedex Codes. 1.4.2 Mirage Island Code.* 1.4.3 Southern Island Event Codes. 1.4.4 Feebas Tiles Code.* 1.4.5 All badges, Pokedex, Pokenavi... Code. 1.4.6 Money Code. 1.4.7 Walk Through Walls Code.* 1.4.8 Secret Trainer ID Codes.* 1.4.9 All Pok�mon in Pokedex Codes. 1.4.10 All Trainer in Trainer's Eyes Codes. 1.4.11 Share Experience After Battle Codes. 1.4.12 Trainer Card's Stars Codes. 1.4.13 Trainer Card's Back Codes. 1.4.14 Fast Egg Hatch Code. 1.4.15 Immediate Battle Code. 1.4.16 Select Battle Type Codes. 1.4.17 Find Feebas Seed Code.* 1.5 Lavaridge's Egg Code. 1.5.1 Lavaridge's Egg Enabler Code.* 1.5.2 Lavaridge's Egg Modifier Codes.* 2. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------- 0. Version History, Copyrights & Special Notes. ----------------------------------------------- V1.0 : 1st release. V1.1 : Made some corrections, added Secret Trainer ID and All Pokemon in Pokedex Codes. V1.2 : Added......

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...video regarding potential Mega Evolutions for the new Pokémon games coming out later this year. Considering the titles of these new games, are Pokémon Sun and Moon, I think it might be appropriate to look at Pokémon that utilize the Sun stone and Moon stone to evolve. We will be looking at how this can impact the game from a competitive standpoint and we will be rating on a scale of 1 to 10 each individual mega on how likely game freak would make this go from speculation to reality. Now let’s get into it! The first Pokémon on our list evolves using the Sun Stone. Sunflora is a Pokémon from gen 2 that overall below average stats, but what hurts this Pokémon a lot is that it is a grass type with a horrible speed stat of just base 30. I personally don’t even see a mega evolution helping this Pokémon unless it is granted a new typing. I might like to see sunflora get a secondary fire typing through mega evolution. Granted it doesn’t have access to any fire type moves up to 6th gen, gen 7 might go ahead change that up and give it access to flamethrower or fire blast. I’d say a mega evolution for sunflora with a new fire typing and some boosted stats could bump it up to the RU tier due to being able to take a hit much better and access to more coverage. As for my opinion in possibility of this happening let’s give it a 4/10. The 2nd Pokémon we will be looking at utilizes the Moon stone for evolution. Wigglytuff was a Pokémon that I always wanted to be better. 6th gen tried......

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...Attack Combos In the Pokémon games, there are many different strategies you could use to win against a clever foe. Some strategies can be used just to lay down an all-out assault on a foe, and some are more skilled and use a combination of defense and more adept move usage. Some Pokémon's heaviest hitting attacks rely on a combination of different moves, some more useful than others. This guide outlines some of those move combinations that you can use against an opponent. Use them on the right Pokémon, and they could be extremely dangerous. True Combos In Black & White, there are Combination Moves which are done by using two seperate moves with two of your Pokémon during Double or Triple battles. These moves will then combine and have an added extra effect. These effects vary from simple status afflictions to doing damage to the Pokémon. Only one of the Pokémon will do the damage to the Pokémon selected, but the effect will occur and lasts for several turns Grass Oath + Fire Oath | Moves Required: Grass Oath & Fire OathEffect: When you use the move Grass Oath and then the move Fire Oath during a Double or Triple battle, the move will combine and create a field of fire which causes small amounts of damage to your opponents each turn. | | Fire Oath + Water Oath | Moves Required: Fire Oath & Water OathEffect: When you use the move Fire Oath and then the move Water Oath during a Double or Triple battle, the move will combine and create a a rainbow over...

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