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Photo Editors Adverse Usage

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* Introduction
This report is intended to highlight the alarming effect of photo editors. It will focus on how these editors can be used for destructive purposes, how their usage has altered people’s mind and created problem in businesses and personal life of individuals. Report will also include suggestions to the problem under discussion.

* Photo Editors
Photo Editors are those software that are used to manipulate, enhance, and transform images on a computer. With the advancement in technology, now a huge number of photo editors are available online i.e. there is no need to download photo editing software.
There are hundreds of such software available and they all provide almost same functionality. Some basic features of such software are crop, resize, merge, and liquefy, adding texture, changing color and so on.

* Adverse Use of Photo Editors * Photo editing can be used to destroy company’s reputation. Edited pictures, with fake results/effects of the product can be used to displease their consumers. * Edited pictures such as attaching someone’s face to someone else’s body can be used to give threats. The victim can be forced that way to provide money to the editor or obey his orders. * Companies can use it for fraud. They might show fake pictures to the customers and convince them to use their products. * Sometimes people use editors to display fake story. That story might get viral over the internet and bring fame/satisfaction to the person who created it. * Photo editors can be used to easily remove the water mark from pictures, documents etc. and steal someone’s work.

* Effects of Edited Images on Society * Such images change the mind set of people. Extreme use of editing in fashion industry to show models slim and flawless is making millions of women around the globe mentally frustrated. It is also creating an unrealistic ideal image in the minds of men. This change is creating a barrier in healthy relationships. * Due to fake images spread out by competitors, many companies are losing their customers in the market. Many times people consider such pictures real and quit using products of the victim company. This results in huge financial lost. * Public display of such fake pictures of an individual disturbs his/her personal and social life. It also brings bad name to the family and they usually have to go through several crisis afterwards. * People lose their money when they trust such people or companies who use edited pictures to display their products or services. * As the beauty standards are altered on the basis of edited pictures of models and celebrities, the number of people who undergo plastic surgery every year is drastically increasing. * * Psychological Impact
Photo editor is majorly used in the fashion industry. It is used to make models and actor/actresses look smart, more beautiful and flawless. Extreme use of these editors in past few years has brought attention to the psychological impact on the viewer. According to one survey, 80% of the women have lowered self-esteem and inferiority-complex just because of the models they see all the time on media. * * Ethical or Unethical
Editing photos is an art. It requires skill and creativity of person to achieve the desired result. Photo editors are being used by many people for positive/ethical purposes but when it is used for unethical purposes, the results can be extremely dangerous. Many people propose the idea that such editors should be banned because they are the root cause of many problems in societies now a days. But on the other hand many people are benefiting from them too.
This problem is more about ethics vs aesthetics i.e. rules and norms vs beauty. Understanding and maintain this balance is the only suitable way to use editors. * * Law
As the negative impact of the editors is majorly visible in fashion industry, many countries are passing laws to limit usage to editors. * Israel - The law requires any ad agency to disclose if photos of models underwent Photoshop alteration to make the subjects appear thinner * France - Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person." Failure to include the disclaimer would result in a $50,000-plus fine or up to half the cost of the ad campaign, potentially a huge threat. * Pakistan- The Cyber Crime bill of 2015 also condemns usage of editors to distort reality

* Solution In order to avoid problems due to such edited pictures, there are software available that can help one to detect that whether a picture is edited or not. Some of those are: * Forensically * Picture Manipulation Inspector * FotoForensics

* Conclusion
Photo edited is not a crime but a skill until it is used with intent to harm the subject of the picture. Editors must keep in mind that they should maintain a balance between ethical use and beautification.
Furthermore laws should be strict enough to give justice to the victim.

* References * * * *…...

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