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PHCCI is a cooperative financial organization owned, operated and controlled by its membership registered with the Cooperatives Development Authority (CDA).
Its objective is to promote thrift and cultivate a sense of good financial management and stability among its members through systematic savings, wise use of credit and membership participation in the affairs of the credit coop.
Unlike a bank, PHCCI serves only its members who share its profits. A bank, on the other hand, is owned by its stockholders who benefit from whatever profits the bank makes.
Poverty - and - the extreme desire to improve the quality of life of common man were the compelling reasons for the Redemptorist Father to make the initial steps to establish a cooperative within the Redemptorist Parish.

So, on February 16, 1969 with 33 incorporators and an initial share capital of P1,201.94 PHCCI was born.

Since then, PHCCI has gone a long way in terms of bigness and financial soundness. From its inception to the present, its membership has increased many times over.
Our Mission
To maximize the utilization of the members’ resources through quality and timely service delivery embodying the ideals of cooperativism
Our Vision
A Leader in changing lives and bridging communities through cooperativism
Our Objectives * To provide members with excellent services that are responsive to their needs * To ensure a feeling of security of members’ investments through transparency and good governance * To achieve and sustain the cooperative financial standards * To make PHCCI a happy and rewarding workplace * To capture a greater market share in the cooperative business landscape

Loyalty Optimism Veracity Efficiency

People Empowerment Human Dignity Commitment Credibility, Confidence…...

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