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Course no. SP180.1.2 – Principles of Public Speaking
Assignment No. 6 – Persuasive Speech Outline

TITLE: Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should be Mandatory Nationwide
A. General Purpose To persuade the audience that cell phone usage while driving should be banned nationwide
B. Specific Purpose To convince the audience that driving while on a cell phone can be distracting and very dangerous to themselves as well as others on the road
C. Central idea Using a cell phone while driving is distracting to the driver, this can cause serious accidents to include fatalities. The accidents can be prevented by not receiving call or text messages while driving.
I. Introduction The Texas Department of Transportation reports 100,917 distracted driving crashes in 2014, resulting in 483 fatalities and more than 3,000 serious injuries. A. -------------------------------------------------
Key point #1: People’s reliance on cell phones. B. -------------------------------------------------
Key point #2: Having consistent laws in all states. C. -------------------------------------------------
Key point #3: People being distracted while driving.
II. Body of the Presentation A. -------------------------------------------------
Key Point #1: People’s reliance on cell phones. 1. -------------------------------------------------
Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s society, leaving the house you check for your keys, cell phone, and purse/wallet (Siddiqui, Jabeen, & Mumtaz, 2014). They are always with us, and we feel lost without them and are dependent on them. 2. -------------------------------------------------
Cell phones are not only for making phone calls, but texting, taking pictures, and surfing the web, because of this no one remembers phone numbers anymore (Jim, 20110). Cell phones have…...

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