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Personal Mission Statement
My mission in life is to please God.
This mission drives me through each milestone of life, onward to the lifetime goal of hearing my God say, “well done, you have been a good and faithful servant”. My focus, direction, purpose, motivation, decisions, and every breath I take is for His purpose.
Many of my days are as I described above. Some are not, some days I struggle to hold on to joy and peace.
To fulfill this mission, I live by many principles. Below are the top five.
1 I recognize that I cannot please a God I do not know; I must understand His nature and His ways in order to acknowledge Him in all my ways and receive His direction for my life.
• I make it a point to rise up early and pray (talk) to God. Communication is essential for any relationship to be successful. Communication is two-way, after I talk to God; I listen to His voice by reading and meditating on His word to see in what way I am being instructed. Effective communication with God leads to better relationship with my husband, children and my neighbors (everyone else).

• Right communication and right relationship leads to right counsel in all decision-making processes. Marriage, Money, children, religion, investments, giving respect and etc…

2 I love God, people and myself. I recognize that God loves everyone. It can be challenging sometimes but I strive to love people as God loves me. God deals with me and my issues every day and does not love me any less when I do not do the things I should do. I am grateful. I show my gratefulness and love to God by not allowing expectations to prioritize love and acceptance. Men and women are allowed to be strong or weak, and accepted for who they are and what they believe. Children are loved enough to be tenderly coached into the right areas of decision-making. I do unto others as God does unto…...

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