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Personal Branding Plan Paper



Personal Brand Plan

I am an IT Professional with over 8 years of experience working with hardware, software and network engineering. Throughout my career I have held various positions including several leadership roles. The IT industry is a very technical field where individual contributors are critical to the success of the organization. With the extensive leadership training and experience I have gained, has allowed me to stand apart from my peers and take a more active role in the organization and its strategy. I continuously strive for my own personal development, including going back to school as an adult to achieve my bachelor’s degree. I understand the importance of continuous development and work to instill that passion in my work and across my teams.
Companies to work for The top three companies that I am interested in working for are Locke Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing. Each of these companies, are involved in the aerospace industry and hold government contracts. This line of work related to the IT development for aerospace has always fascinated me. I truly enjoy investigating the electronics division, along with the radar technology is amazing works of science.
Lockeed Martin Lockeed Martin is the number one IT provider for the Federal Government (, 2015). For an organization to win government contracts they must meet a very high standard of process flow. “Lockeed Martin does so much more than just planes they work on space, aerospace, defense, air traffic, predict cyber-attacks, personal/financial data security, and much more” (, 2015). Working for Lockeed Martin would allow me to bring some of what I already do know in the IT field and apply it to what I want to do in my dream job.
Raytheon does much of the same thing that Lockeed…...

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