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Issues Related to performance appraisal in a Public Organization A focus on Bangladesh Police (CID)

Letter of Transmittal

The 24th November, 2015

Senior Professor
Chairman, Management Studies
Department of management Studies
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of the Report on Performance Appraisal (Promotion & Transfer) system of CID-Bangladesh Police.

Dear Sir,

We are the student of EMBA, Department of Management. Our major is in Human Resources Management. We have done our report on Performance Appraisal (Promotion & Transfer) system of CID-Bangladesh Police. It was a pleasure to work and analyze on matters related to the performance appraisal occurring a real work place. This paper has provided us an opportunity to relate our theoretical knowledge with the outside world and gave us practical knowledge of the practices of performance appraisal and many roles played by managers. Here, we are submitting you our final report. We have included the overview of the organization, Conceptual framework of CID- Bangladesh Police, problems with current appraisal system, transfer and promotion practices, transfer and promotion policies, reasons of violations of policies, remedies and recommendations on the current transfer and promotion system.

In addition, we would like to say that, it was a great experience working on CID- Bangladesh Police. We have given our best to fulfill your expectation on the quality and the completion of the report within the specified time. Your valuable instructions helped me a lot while preparing the report. Furthermore, I have tried to cover all the instructions you have given me. We believe, we have met all the instructions properly and you will be pleased with our work.

Thank you.

Declaration Statement

It is to declare that, we have been working on the report- “Performance Appraisal (Promotion & Transfer) system of CID-Bangladesh Police.”During doing this report, I did not do anything illegal to laws of the country and the university as well. This project has not been submitted to any other university or institution or published earlier. It is my own project and I am entirely responsible for any information given in this Report.


We are highly indebted to many persons for providing me with encouragement and support during my learning and working while making this report and we want to thank those persons.

On the other hand, we would like to express our gratitude to our respected faculty, Dr Ataur Rahman sir, my respected course instructor of Strategic Human Resource Management. He always guided me to take and overcome this challenge successfully. Without his help in every step, it was quite impossible for me to finish this report properly in time.

We have taken efforts in this project. But, it would not be possible without the kind support of each and every individual. We would like to appreciate “Shahajahan Khan”, working as the MT Branch Inspector at CID-Bangladesh Police for arranging such a visit and for helping us into entering the without any trouble. He also helped us by answering all our queries. We are immensely grateful to Additional Inspector General Sheikh Himayet Hossain who is currently leading the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), for giving us permission to visit his organization as well as his office. We are also thankful to all the workers and employees of the CID Police who have shown us immense respect and have talked with us about the appraisal process. Without their support and help, this report would be very difficult.

1. -------------------------------------------------
Executive Summary

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is one of the ancient and specialized units of Bangladesh Police. It is the apex body of investigation of Bangladesh Police as well as Bangladesh government. Investigation of scheduled cases suggested by laws and cases instructed from courts is the basic function of CID. CID also undertakes the investigation of specialized crimes that require technical expertise. Apart from investigation there are some special functions too, through which CID assists other organs of the Bangladesh government through providing expert opinion in various cases. CID has its own century old history and heritage. In Bengal the CID came into existence on April 01, 1906 with Head Quarter’s in Calcutta. Later East Pakistan CID started functioning with Head Quarter’s in Dhaka in 1947. Following the liberation in 1971, CID Bangladesh commenced its journey. In the year 1991, the post of DIG as head of CID has been promoted to Addl. IGP. Their Vision is CID will continue as the most effective institution in criminal investigation & detection. And Mission is Ensure justice through faster & quality investigation; use of forensic evidence, increase criminal database; capacity building of investigators for effective investigation; ensure use of modern technology; prevent terrorism, IT crime & organized crime.

In this report we have done a detailed analysis on the performance Appraisal of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Bangladesh. Here, we have covered promotion and transfer of the performance Appraisal process. We have researched the appraisal system of a government organization Criminal Investigation Department (CID) - Bangladesh Police. We have included the overview of the organization, Conceptual framework of CID- Bangladesh Police, problems with current appraisal system, transfer and promotion practices, transfer and promotion policies, reasons of violations of policies, remedies and recommendations on the current transfer and promotion system.

Besides these we have also incorporated the history, Brief about the company and its performance, vision and mission, values and contribution of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and most importantly we have incorporated a brief of how HR & Admin Department does their job. While making the analysis on promotion and transfer Process we have provided detailed information how they measure and improve the performance of an employee. Other objectives of their HR department like- providing feedback, improving communication, understanding training needs, clarifying roles and responsibilities and determining how to allocate rewards are also explained in the report. We have covered all the related factors with it and in addition to that we have tried to incorporate the theories that we have learned in this course with the practices we have seen.

Table of Content

Contents | Page No | 1. Executive Summary | 1 | 2. Organizational Profile | 3.1. Introduction and History | | 3.2. Organogram | | 3.3. Vision and Mission | | 3.4. Scheduled offences for CID investigation | | 3. Conceptual Framework | 4.5. Objectives | | 4.6. Scopes | | 4.7. Methodology | | 4.8. Limitations | | 4. Literature Review | 5.9. Promotion , transfer, demotion | | 5.10. Career development | | 5. Promotion and Transfer process of CID | | 6. Problems with Current appraisal System | | 7. Conclusion | | 8. Recommendation | | 9. References | | 10. Appendix | |

2. -------------------------------------------------
Organizational profile

3.1. Introduction and History:

* About CID
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is a specialized wing of the Bangladesh Police. It carries out investigations into crimes, including terrorism, murders and organized crime. It also gives forensic support. It is headquartered in Malibagh, Dhaka and maintains a training school named the Detective Training School. Personnel attached to this wing essentially work in plain clothes.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is one of the ancient and specialized units of Bangladesh Police. It is the apex body of investigation of Bangladesh Police as well as Bangladesh government. Investigation of scheduled cases suggested by laws and cases instructed from courts is the basic function of CID. CID also undertakes the investigation of specialized crimes that require technical expertise. Apart from investigation there are some special functions too, through which CID assists other organs of the Bangladesh government through providing expert opinion in various cases.

* History Of CID

Since passage of Act V of 1861, whereby the police system of British India got streamlined, there were proposals at regular intervals to form a specialized detective wing. It was not until the Police Commission of 1902-03, which recommended the formation of a Criminal Investigation Department for each of the provinces, that the concept was seriously studied.

CID has its own century old history and heritage. During the British regime in 1902-1903, a commission was formed by Lord Curzon for making recommendations to reshape the organizational and functional structure of police. According to the recommendations the colonial police was further organized. One of the recommendations was to constitute Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in each province under a Deputy Inspector General as the administrative head. Eventually on March 21, 1905 the then British India Government accepted the recommendation of the Commission and ordered to start the department in every province by 1907. In Bengal the CID came into existence on April 01, 1906 with Head Quarter’s in Calcutta. Later East Pakistan CID started functioning with Head Quarter’s in Dhaka in 1947. Following the liberation in 1971, CID Bangladesh commenced its journey. In the year 1991, the post of DIG as head of CID has been promoted to Addl. IGP

3.2. Organogram of CID-Bangladesh Police:

3.3. Vision & Mission:

* Vision

CID will continue as the most effective institution in criminal investigation & detection.

* Mission

Ensure justice through faster & quality investigation; use of forensic evidence, increase criminal database; capacity building of investigators for effective investigation; ensure use of modern technology; prevent terrorism, IT crime & organized crime.

3.4. Scheduled Offences for CID Investigation

1. Dacoity.
2. Highway, rail or mail robbery.
3. Counterfeiting coin or stamps, Forging Govt. currency or promissory notes and uttering or being in possession of the same.
4. Drugging or Poisoning.
5. Swindling.
6. Murder for gain.
7. Insurance frauds of serious nature.
8. Offence relating to drug abuses.
9. Kidnapping for ransom.
10. Offence relating to antique smuggling.
11. Offence relating to deed forgery by professional criminals.
12. Offence relating to cheat by bogus appointment by professional criminals.
13. Cases of bank frauds.

3. -------------------------------------------------
Conceptual Framework

4.5. Objective

In this report we have done a detailed analysis on the performance Appraisal of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Bangladesh. The main objectives are:

* To evaluate the current appraisal system. * To investigate and assess the policies and implementation of performance appraisal (Transfer and promotion). * To discover the reasons of violation of policies and procedures. * To determine the problems with current appraisal system of CID. * To come up with some recommendation which will help the current appraisal system.

4.6. Scope

This project will help all the CID personnel, the policy makers and others who have interest to work for CID and who want their career to be developed in CID.

4.7. Methodology

The primary sources of data and information:

* We have visited the CID headquarters and tried to meet some of the high rank officers to gather the information.

The secondary sources of data are as follows:

* Web site of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Bangladesh.

* Internet, Newspapers and magazines.

* HRM books and Periodicals.

4.8. Limitations

* There is no information about the promotion and transfer policy in the internet. And the officers did not have any written form of policies.

* The main constraint of the study is insufficient information as the employees were busy and were hesitant to provide information.

* Some information’s are confidential so associated authority did not wish to disclose some of the data.

4. -------------------------------------------------
Literature Review

5.9. Promotion:

A promotion is the movement to another job in a higher job classification and will result in a title change. There are two types of promotions.

Almost everyone in an organization wants to get ahead. How should the company decide who gets the brass rings? Performance appraisal makes it easier for the organization to make good decisions about making sure that the most important positions are filled by the most capable individuals.

* Transfer:

A transfer is the movement to another job that is previously established through an approved personnel requisition, has the same salary range and may involve a salary increase. A transfer may result in a title change.

If promotions are what everybody wants, “layoffs” are what everybody wishes to avoid. But when economic realities force an organization to downsize, performance appraisal helps make sure that the most talented individuals are retained and to identify poor performers who effects the productivity of the organization. (India's largest software services provider TCS axed 1,000 jobs in the country due to non-performance by its employees.

* Demotion:

A demotion is the movement to a job with a lower salary range and/or lower contribution level. A demotion may result in a title change and may involve a decrease in salary.

Demotions may be proposed for a number of different reasons, including poor employee performance, disciplinary actions, position elimination or organizational restructuring, and at times an employee-desired reduction in responsibility. Each circumstance should be carefully considered prior to determining that demotion is the appropriate action. Additionally, the manner in which a demotion is handled and communicated can directly affect the success or failure of these arrangements.

5.10. Career development is the most important thing in a person’s professional career. * In CID * The same thing for career applies. * Officers face both physical and mental ability test both for promotions and transfers. * No written communication of the process is communicated what-so-ever. * No separate policy or practice found for CID. They follow the same procedure of the entire Police Department. * No process improvement till today.…...

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