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Provisions Table

Use the table below to organize information about the USA PATRIOT ACT. From the Electronic Reserve Reading article Update: USA Patriot Act, identify and classify characteristics of PATRIOT ACT provisions. Describe how each provision either poses potential risks to civil liberties, aids the War on Terror, or possibly both. While completing the table, consider what each provision means to you on a personal level. For example, Section 218 makes it easier for federal agents to open a criminal case on you or other citizens, should there be significant purpose to do so; yet, the same provision makes it easier for federal agents to gather information on a terrorist, and possibly prevent that terrorist from committing future crimes.

|Provision |Risks to Civil Liberties |Aids the War on Terror |
|Section 218 |Allows agents to obtain FISA warrants, requiring less |This provision makes it easier for agents to open a |
| |evidence of wrongdoing, which can be subject to abuse |criminal case on terrorists, possibly preventing that |
| |in domestic criminal cases. Only a significant |terrorist from committing future crimes. Reduces |
| |investigative purpose is required to obtain a FISA |barriers between intelligence work and criminal |
| |warrant. |investigations |
|Section 215 |Upsurges the authority of the FBI under FISA, 50 |It documents investigators wide admission to library, |
| |U.S.C.?1861. Whereas before, the FBI might vigor the |bookstore, rental-car and a lot of other particulars, |…...

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