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PC Build and Manual

Table of Contents
1.Computer Components
3.Workspace Preparation
4.Installing Motherboard
5.Installing Power Supply
6.Installing CPU
7.Installing RAM
8.Installing Hard Drive
9.Installing Optical Drive
10.Installing Video Card
11.Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse
12.Bios Configuration
13.Installing Windows 7
14.Configuring Critical Windows Features



Computer Components:

Motherboard with Socket 1336
Power Supply, ATX, 20+4 pin, PCIe
Hard Drive
CD-DVD Drive
Video Card
Keyboard and mouse



1. Phillips screwdriver
2. Needle nose pliers
3. Anti-wrist strap



Workspace Locations

Location and environment is key to ensure you do not spend numerous hours and money troubleshooting the components after the completion of building your PC. One of the main concerns is static electricity also referred to as electro static discharge. Voltage as little as 300 volts can damage the integral components to put in comparison; when you feel static electricity is already 3000 volts. Here are some protocols to reduce or eliminate ESD.

Keep the temperature around 75 degrees


Humidity between 68 and 72 % would be ideal to reduce dry air the inducing ESD.


The use of a static mat would be preferred; ensure the mat is grounded and wear the grounding strap according the specifications.


Keep pets away, especially cats as they generate much ESD, this also will prevent dust and hair being introduced into your computer case and components.


Avoid working on carpet or wearing clothes that generate ESD. Make a habit of grounding yourself if you move around before working with parts.


Keep your components in a static free bag until time of use.


Always allow components to reach room temperature…...

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