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Introduction When most people look at certain images in the media of people, they come to a fairly quick response. These responses can be both positive and negative. The reason this topic had stood out among others was to see the impact of how these images do effect woman. This topic is important based solely on the fact that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and the media has portrayed images of how everyone should look and feel about themselves. By using the article The Positive and Negative Media Image Effects on the Self which is based on experients done to test how woman react to certain body types in the media and how it effects their self esteem. After reading this article we conducted our own ad campaign for Lu Lu lemon. This campaign is directed at using the positive side of media images especially in the younger generations. We feel this campaign can be successful by using images of everyday people so that everyone can relate and feel good about being themselves.
The Positive and Negative Media Image Effects on the Self.
The article written by Dirk Smeesters and Naomi Mandel is a summary of research towards images of models to woman and how it effects there self esteem. The research has shown that images of thin woman have been known to cause self enhancement and some negative self image. The first part of the research that was studied was how certain woman reacted to extreme body images as well as moderate body images. They would be shown an extremely thin/heavy model or an averagely thin/moderately heavy woman. The article uses the word assimilation to describe how some woman view the images to them. The article explains the natural tendency of people to evaluate themselves by comparing with others. There are two different types of comparisons they are upward and downward. Upward meaning that people perceive the image positively and…...

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