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My Ideal and Most Fitting Job: A Paralegal Assistant

Several factors ought to be considered by the general job applicant during his search and application for a specific employment opportunity. The ability to excel in the particular job of interest is incredibly important and despite its simplicity as a fact and a factor, overlooked by many people. Excellence is directly related to personal interest and a high level of motivation and happiness within the work place. The general rule with work is that an individual needs to be satisfied and motivated, on an intellectual, psychological and materialistic level in order to be able to succeed, stand out and as a result move higher up on the career and social ladder. These reasons have been all considered during my personal search of work within the legal field which led me to the following job posting: a full-time paralegal assistant in the company of the Software Giant that is located in Redmond, Washington State.
The aforementioned job position comprises specific responsibilities and requires the prospective and interested applicant to correspond to certain qualifications. The applicant should be above all interested in the legal atmosphere as the work would require the person in question to assist attorneys and paralegals with their work. The applicant is required to have a certain degree of experience at the legal department of Software Giant in Redmond or any of the company’s locations. Thereby one has to be strongly organized as an employee and possess highly developed administrative skills that would enable him to effectively manage his main responsibilities which are the organization of extensive data entry and online research facilities for the purpose of retrieval of evidence. Professionalism, excellent verbal and written skills and a strong sense of organization and ability to work under stress and be able…...

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...This system teaches the importance of understanding one's rights. My daily contribution is evidenced by my passion for criminal justice and the understanding of my protective capacity. Being currently employed as a Family Court Paralegal (Child Support Division/Juvenile Delinquency) has prepared me for the next step of obtaining my doctorate. Daily I am collecting, retrieving, and analyzing information, drafting, filing, and serving legal documents such as discovery and motions as well as managing and organizing cases. Deciding to return back to school is never an easy decision, but I believe I can one day contribute to the future minds that wish to study criminology. I recently had a daughter and I often think about the society in which she is now a member. The other day I voted and I took my daughter along to witness our beautiful system of democracy at work. I am interested in graduate school to advance my career and to obtain the additional skills to empower a world unknown of its ability. In October of 2010, I had to honor to help the attorney I was working with in assisting her with a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to present to the other attorneys for their quarterly training. In 2011 I was a recipient of the NYC Law Department Legal Assistant Achievement Award and Certified Commissioner of Deeds for the City of New York. • Academic Experience When I matriculated into Virginia Union University, I picked a general major of Business Administration and......

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