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In this task, I am going to be describing and comparing how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations. The first organisation I will be talking about is Apple, and the second being Coca Cola.
Marketing means that a business will identify the needs of the consumer and produce products that meet the requirements of them. In order for a business to perform and succeed, it needs to make sure that their customers are at the heart of operations. Should businesses do this, it would mean that they are market-orientated. As well as this, there are other forms of orientation for business. These include; * The production concept * The sales concept
When a business uses a marketing concept, and putting customers at the heart of decisions. By doing this, a business operates more efficiently by prioritising investments on product development for the customers.
In order for a business to grow and succeed, it is essential that it has its objectives outlined. The first aim a business will have when it starts out, is to survive. Once this goal has been achieved, it means that they can now focus on growth objectives, which means that they can focus on increasing market share and increasing profits. When businesses set objectives, they follow SMART guidelines. SMART stands for; * Specific – The objective must be clear and concise * Measureable – Objectives must be able to assess properly * Achievable – The objective needs to be reasonable for the business to attain * Realistic – Objectives need to be lifelike in order for it to achieved * Time-related – There needs to be a set time period for the objective, otherwise there will be no motivation to complete the task, and performance will fall too.…...

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