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P1 Describe Forms of Abuse Which May Be Experienced by Adults

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In this piece of writing I am describing form of abuse which adults have or may experience within their adulthood.
What is abuse? Abuse is a word that is frequently used. It is a word defined as any type of actions that intentionally harms or injures yourself or others. It is a violation of rights of a human and their rights.
Physical abuse
Physical abuse is the infliction of harm or injury by another person. Physical abuse within the adult subject can happen in either gender. The injuries can be caused through punching, kicking, biting, burning, using a weapon or harmful object, and often actions that are involved within bullying. Once the physical abuse has been done, the aftermath can result in bruises, broken bones and many other reactions.
For example; When working in a care home, care workers might lose their temper quite rapidly. This could be the cause of a resident being difficult. However, in some situations the care workers are often blamed for the abuse or any aftermath such as bruising, but in reality the residents are accidentally knocking themselves and sometimes bruising comes up quite visible due to the elderly having sensitive skin.
However this is sometimes not the case. Quite often cases of abuse, physical abuse more than likely are disputed due to the care worker hitting or taking some kind of action which the resident doesn’t deserve just to make them be quiet or because the care worker becomes quite frustrated and physical with that resident. It is really difficult to maintain or control any reflex behaviour such as lashing out, throwing, dropping and many other actions.
There are a list of causes and effects physical abuse has on an adult. They may have been neglected and abused as a child. Some have a lack of awareness of the appropriate expectations as an adult. The effect that being abused as a child, when they are an adult they…...

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