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Outback Steakhouse

Chandra Shaw Dr. Sherbert Strategic Human Resource M

Discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steak house help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. The selection process allows for them to pick the employee’s that best fit the company’s profile. The process seems to be laid back with an introduction to the company. The company takes time to allow for the candidate to be familiar with what the company expects from them. This also allows for the applicant to see if they can meet the company standards. If the applicant feels that they cannot meet the standards they can dropout and the company has not wasted any money on training the applicant. We share a document, called a dimension of performance, which provides detailed examples of the kinds of Behaviors expected of outbackers and how Those behaviors are tied to the vision of Outback. This is a candidate’s first exposure to our vision. (At this point, some candidates have withdrawn from The process because these dimensions set a very high standard.) (Stewart 234) The competitive edge this gives the company is that it is able to be very selective about their employees. This method saves them money on training candidates that don’t fit the company profile. This allows for them to hire people who have the company’s beliefs and able to adapt to the company’s policies. With this method of hiring it saves on the bottom line of the company. The money they would have wasted on training someone who didn’t fit into the company profile ends…...

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...Outback Steakhouse Case Analysis Module 4 Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. External analysis: a. Five force Analysis 3 b. Key Driving Forces 4 c. Attractiveness of Industry 5 d. Strategic Group Map 6 3. Internal Situation Analysis: a. Strategy of the company 7 b. SWOT analysis 8 c. Company’s performance 9 4. Major Issues or Problem the Company Must Address 9 5. Alternative courses of Action and Final Recommendations 10 Introduction In 1987 three friends came up with a new Australian themed restaurant venture. Over cocktails they all agreed on the name “Outback” and before the first restaurant opened they had a fourth join the team. The first restaurant opened in 1998. The original business plan was for four restaurants, one for each. But the “No Rules, Just Right” service took off with great success. By 2004 they had hundreds of restaurants all over the world. Company-owned restaurants consisted of restaurants owned by partnerships (with the company as the general partner) and joint ventures (with the company as one of the two members.) In 1993 the company decided to expand and diversify its restaurant portfolio to capitalize on the growing popularity of casual dining. This was done mainly through joint venture partnerships. The industry had been growing very strong but that changed in 2004. ......

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...Chef Brookes of England originally created A1 Steak Sauce in 1824. He was chef to King George IV of England with his partner Chef Henderson Brand. Legend has it the king was so delighted with the sauce that he declared it “A1” and thus the name was born (Kerin & Peterson, 2010). In 1830, Chef Brand stole the recipe from Chef Brookes and began commercial production under the Brand & Co. label in 1831 (Wikipedia, The problems before A1 begin with the huge financial support (Kevin & Peterson, 2010) of their new rival. The second problem at hand is the competitors lower priced product that looks virtually the same as A1’s product. A third problem which concerns the marketing team pertains to the lack of growth in the steak sauce market and the failing efforts to expand the market. Problem number four that faces A1 is the grooling task of matching the competitor’s pricing while maintaining their own market share. Identifying the Root Problem Components With 46% of the steak sauce market, A1 is its major player. A1’s profit growth of 10% is being compromised by Lawry’s new product and the added expense of advertising. Another component of A1’s root problem involves, not only the price of the competitor’s product ($1.00 less per bottle) but the larger size of Lawry’s bottle (1 ounce larger). The fact that steak sauce is mainly used for steak lead A1to release a marinade line to be used for other meat products such as chicken and pork...

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...Prasanna V oUTBACK sTEAKHOUSE 6000I Vikram Prasanna hereby certify that the attached assignment and all materials therein have been created by me unless otherwise footnoted and that all the material contained herein including charts, graphs and other materials have been created by me. | SUBMITTED TO: MARIA RADFORDSUBMITTED BY: VIKRAM PRASANNASTUDENT NUMBER: 212448858 DATE OF SUBMISSION: 2ND MARCH 2014 | CASE OUTLINE: The case outlines Outback Steakhouse, one of the fastest growing and most acclaimed restaurant chains in North America by 1995. The chain was founded by Chris Sullivan, Bob Basham and Tim Gannon when they realized an untapped opportunity existed in serving quality steaks at affordable prices. The chain differentiated itself through its consistent high quality food, dinner only timings, and unique “buy in” concept with managing partners, suburban locations, stringent hiring practices and a high emphasis on the quality and degree of personalization of service it provided. Although initially company owned and managed, based on requests from known acquaintances, the chain cautiously embarked on the franchisee route as well. By 1995, Outback acquired rights to develop Carrabba’s Italian Grill as part of its diversification strategy. In 1994, Hugh Connetty was appointed to lead Outbacks overseas expansion and charter out its future direction. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: The industry has been analyzed using Porters’s Five Forces framework in APPENDIX1 .The food service......

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...Discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage: Since people are the competitive advantage to an organization’s success, it is important to select the right candidate for the job based on the needs of each individual business. Outback Steakhouse has incorporated a precise selection process for hourly and management workers that will help hire and retain people to effectively run their organization. This selection process helps the organization achieve a competitive advantage because it allows Outback Steakhouse to recruit the applicant, assess their qualifications, then select the one(s) most qualified based on their business objectives. Outback Steakhouse tries to choose workers who are willing to conform to the culture, vision, values and beliefs of Outback Steakhouse. It also allows them to employ people that understand and are committed to the value of teamwork, accountability, kindness, and individual responsibility. I think the validating (test) potential new hires against existing Outbackers who have been successful in the company is a strategic way to find out if a person is a good fit and that along with the series of test that are given makes Outback Steakhouse a step above the average restaurant when it comes to the selection process of hourly and management workers. By capitalizing on the strength of their employees, Outback Steakhouse not only keeps their turnover low, they have......

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...Running Head: Outback Steakhouse Outback Steakhouse Keitric Wiley Strategic Human Resource Management August 6, 2011 Dr. Larry Byrd I. For the following reasons, the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage: a. This examination of the competitive advantage built by Outback Steakhouse employee is based on a five-category framework. On all five points, Outback employees has performed excellently, melding the resources in the following categories to build its advantage: (1) financial resources, (2) physical resources, (3) human resources, (4) organizational knowledge and learning, and (5) general organizational resources including brand names, relationships with stakeholders, and reputation. b. Outback Steakhouse employees has clearly developed a competitive advantage that allows Outback to perform a service, manufacture a product, or offer a bundle of benefits that competitors cannot match. While it is extremely difficult to sustain a competitive advantage, especially in the restaurant industry, Outback Steakhouse works to create advantages through differential development of resources and capabilities. Superior resources or capabilities are those that have value in the market, are possessed by only a small number of restaurants, and are not easy to substitute. If a particular resource is also costly or impossible to imitate, then the competitive advantage may be sustainable.......

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... February 12, 2016 Outback Steak House Case This case will reveal information in detailed facts about outback steakhouse and give my personal option as to how I feel the company will succeed in areas of their expansion. Outback steakhouse was one of the fastest-growing and most acclaimed restaurant chains in North America. Outback steakhouse’s principal feature strategy in the US was to emphasize on high-quality ingredients and preparation with a limited number of menu items that can appeal to a diverse array of tastes people will enjoy and try. Serving only at dinner time was the main idea of outback because simply food prepared in the morning would lose its freshness by evening. Making there dinner portions sizeable at moderate prices that can attract different customers through casual dinning but also with high attentive service. Having their restaurants in residential areas rather than downtown enforces the merits of keeping rent low, and encouraged customer and employee loyalty. With their Australian theme and appeal, outback steakhouse has truly got the respect they deserve and have develop long-term relationships for futures to come. Outback Steakhouse key elements for international expansion was a huge belief they lived by and opportunity for their suppliers. Huge Connerty, the president of Outback International believed that the approach that they are going to take is that they......

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...Discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. Discuss the importance of fit to Outback Steakhouse. Maintaining and keeping a competitive edge weighs heavily on the innovation and strategic planning of an organization. What makes these organizations supersede their competitors? Gaining competitive advantage results in greater performance, increased production, larger sale volume and retention of satisfied customers. So the product or service, which enables organizations to generate competitive advantage, has to be uniquely different from its competitors; it has to be original, totally innovative, and “outside the box”. Outback Steakhouse competitive advantage is the result of the customer service offered through the employees that it employs. As the saying goes, “Good food gets them there, but customer service brings them back.” Investing in its people gives Outback this differential advantage. Outback Steakhouse realizes employing the right people is vitally important to the success of its operation. These individuals employed, must share in the culture, values and drive for quality service that the company promotes. Customers expect quality service, dished up with a smile! Hiring and training employees is very expensive and time consuming. By not ensuring a sound method of identifying the perfect fit, company’s profit are lost. Retention is key! Emphasizing consistent......

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...1. Executive OverviewThe company A.1. Steak Sauce is the leader in its industry. However, the firm is faced with a challenge when Lawry’s, an organization which traditionally dominates the spice and seasoning industry, announces the launch of its new steak sauce in April of 2003. A.1. should determine the organization’s potential reactions to this new threat and then select the alternatives which would produce the greatest benefit with the least disadvantages. 2. Background InformationA.1. Steak Sauce is a division of Kraft Foods Incorporation (Kerin and Peterson 630). This branch was acquired in 2000 from Nabisco (Kerin and Peterson 630). A.1. Steak Sauce was originally founded by King George’s Chef, Henderson William Brand, in England in the year 1830 (Kerin and Peterson 630). The product was introduced into the North American market in the early 1900s (Kerin and Peterson 630). 3. The DilemmaLawry’s, a branch of Unilever, is known as the United State’s “leading provider of premium spice and seasoning blends, marinades, and other flavorings” (Kerin and Peterson 634). In early 2003, Unilever stated that Lawry’s would launch a new steak sauce with a similar taste and appearance to A.1.’s product. (Kerin and Peterson 634). Lawry’s chose to charge $3.99 per 11 ounce bottle, in competition with A.1.’s price of $4.99 for a 10 ounce bottle (Kerin and Peterson 635). In addition, the firm formed an alliance with the supermarket Publix to run an exclusive Memorial Day......

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...Outback Steakhouse Kayode Adewuyi Lawal Strayer University Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM 530) 13 November, 2011 Discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. The selection method at Outback is focused on tailoring the characteristic of potential employees towards the culture, values and norms of the organization (Stewart & Brown, 2009). Outback uses the realistic messaging approach during their hiring process, outlining what the applicant are to look forward to, in the process the applicants are given the realistic job preview which details the responsibilities and duties expected of the applicant. This approach allows outback to weed out applicants who do not share the same view as outback earlier on in the hiring process and eventually leads to hiring people that see and share the value as the organization, this creates loyalty and also enhances the production process or customer satisfaction at outback. Outback has a rigorous selection process that applicants go through before they are eventually hired, the Dimension of Performance is an excellent document which shows potential employees what kind of behavior is expected at the organization and how the behavior fits in to the whole vision and goal of outback. The organization is able to achieve a competitive advantage mostly because they have been able to create a...

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...Juicy grilled steakNothing tastes, sounds, and smells more like summer than a juicy steak sizzling on the grill. Unfortunately for meat lovers, many choice cuts like New York strip cost at least $15 a pound, which is pretty pricey for a family dinner. And forget about it if you are hosting a barbeque party. Related: The Best Steaks in the U.S. Shine spoke with two experts, John Stage, owner of Dinosaur BBQ, and Kari Underly, a third generation butcher and author of The Art of Beef Cutting, about their favorite budget cuts. Stage goes for chewier meat with big beefy flavor and Underly clued us in to the most tender of the cheaper steaks. Stage's favorites: Stage likes to use a tenderizing tool called a jaccard to break up the connective tissue in tougher cuts. You can also tenderize meat with a fork. His favorite steaks do well with dry rubs or marinades. Cook on medium to high heat until the meat fully caramelizes and releases from the grill before flipping. Related: 10 Nerdy Accessories for your Grill Skirt steak. This flat, thin steak is a little chewy but has great flavor. "I'll eat a skirt steak as quick as a New York strip," Stage says. "It's a little chewy but as far as flavor goes, I prefer it to a more expensive cut like a rib-eye." This well-marbled steak is quick and easy to cook. Flank steak. Stage says this thin, lean steak has big flavor but it's very lean, which makes it a bit tougher. It benefits from at least four hours in a marinade and should be......

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