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Our Food Is Harming Us

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Khaled Almethen
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8 October 2015
Our Food Is Harming Us
Many people nowadays go to a grocery store and buy groceries for the house. However, people do not look at the ingredients. If people would see the label on the packed food, they will be confused because they will not understand some of the names of the chemicals. If people realize that the food that they eat every day is harmful to our body because the amount of sugar that is being dumped in the food, they will stop eating that kind of food and start to eat healthy fresh organic food. The food that we eat on a daily basis will affect our long-term health specially the students; also, the food industry does not care about people’s health instead it cares only for money. In this paper, I will show that food industry is destroying people’s health on one hand by putting an enormous amount of sugar and on the other hand making low-fat products.
What are the people really eating?
Once in my human biology class Dr. Walter Hoeh said: “The food that you eat every day will not kill you now but it will kill you after twenty to thirty years from eating the food, however, eventually you will die from the food.” He explained how food affect us, when we heard the explanation we were shocked because we buy food without reading the ingredient. When you eat processed food it tastes delicious and you crave for more, but you are only eating sugar and harmful fats and that type of sugar and fats are harming the human body. According to Ms. Epel in the skinny of obesity episode 2, she said:” I'm suspicious a anything that says low-fat diet because you know that that means that they had to compensate with a lot these added sugars there's more than five ingredients its probably a processed food and there's probably not much real food in their it is almost impossible to buy those…...

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