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OSIM International is known as Asia’s number one brand in the provision of well-being and healthy products of a lifestyle. The company operates a wide variety of sales network with about 856 outlets in one hundred and eleven cities across thirty States in the Middle East, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceanic. The Company has undertaken an inventive approach towards branding, product development, and management (OSIM INTERNATIONAL LTD, 2010). OSIM will claim to continue creating higher consumer demand in the future with the launch of major products quarterly. The Company’s products include foot massagers, head massagers, massage chairs, fitness equipment, neck and shoulder massagers, vitamin and supplements, and diagnostic equipment.

Supplier Selection and Evaluation Strategy

OSIM choose its suppliers depending on a broad range of factors such as quality, value for money, reliability, and service, and does not consider the factor of price lists only. In supplier selection, Osim weighed up the importance of all these different factors based on their business priorities and strategies. A proper strategic approach to choosing suppliers will help to understand how your potential customers weigh up their purchasing decisions.

The following guide illustrates a step by step approach that Osim uses to make the right choices and decided what they need in a supplier, how to identify potential suppliers and finally chose them.

Think strategically when selecting a supplier.

In choosing the most efficient supplier, Osim has to get the suppliers who are willing to offer products or services that match or exceed the need of the business. They have to be sure of the business…...

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